Community update | March 2023 📢

Hello Community! :hyper_wave:

We’re back with another monthly update :party_parrot:
For this month, we’ve got some interesting projects that were picked up.

Surprise at the bottom! Keeping reading to find out :eyes:

This will also have a bit of a recap. We need to keep a memory lane :grin:
Let’s check what we have in store this time. This is going to be a long one!

1. Enhanced bank account statements 📄

In the coming weeks, we will soon enable a better flow for downloading bank statements.

The expected flow:

Jupiter Settings > Account services

You can choose to receive it through Email or download it directly. The option to choose PDF/ Excel (XLS) is available too.

You can choose a custom date going forward. This option was requested by the community, and we heard you :party_parrot:

2. Gold habits ✨

Gold habits are now a thing!
It’s been a while since we released Habits for Pots. But did you know, you can enable habits for gold as well? We made this happen!

Once purchased, it would end up in the Gold pot.

3. Learn with Jupiter 📚

We have been working on a new feature for folks who want to learn more about Mutual Funds before they start investing.

This could be helpful for those of you who are already investing too!
It is live for all users. Read more about Learn with Jupiter - Introducing Learn with Jupiter 📚

If you want more clarity on a topic and you want us to explain it, let us know on the thread. We will try to make a lesson for it :smile:

4. Search bar on home page 🔎

A few months ago, we tested the search bar on the app - (Ongoing) Lab test #9 - Introducing Search Bar on Jupiter 🔎

This search bar was available on the payments tab. We believe its better if we place it on the home page as well.

We will be creating a lab test for this in the coming weeks. Stay tuned Lab testers! :test_tube:

5. Lab test #11 - Fixed deposits results 📈

The lab test for FDs has come to an end.
The team had gone through all the feedback and thoughts shared by the lab testers.

Together, we were able to find typos, access issues, what could be done better, and more! FDs on Jupiter are stronger than ever :rocket:

Congratulations to our best reviewers once again :party_parrot: :clap:
@Binoy @Omkar18 @Abhishek_Ulayil @Sreeharimkl @yagnesh01

See you all in the next lab test! :test_tube:

6. Introduction of the Community Leaderboard 🏆

Last month, we introduced a Community leaderboard for our forum.
Think of it as a gamified mechanic. The more you interact with the forum, the more rockets (point system) you get.

Reach the top 3 and get a chance for some exciting goodies and perks :gift:
Read more about our leaderboard here: Introducing the Community Leaderboard 🏅

7. FDs added to NRV calculation ➕

After receiving multiple requests from our Community members, we have enabled FDs to be part of the NRV calculations! :heavy_plus_sign:

8. Community meetup 🗓️

You read it right. We are planning to host an offline meeting for our Community members and the Jupiter team! :handshake:t4:

This is your chance to learn more about Jupiter. You get to make connections, bond with folks, and have some fun :party_parrot:

A thread for this will be attached to this topic soon.

9. Secret product launch coming in April 👀

This title for this should be more than enough. This will be our greatest reveal of all time.
Any guesses? :eyes:

There will be more updates coming next week, stay tuned friends.
Have a great week!



Will be very happy to guess the product.

But give us some hints bro :yum:


we can try to guess by looking at the product roadmap.


is the secret project a cc :slight_smile:


I also guess same


Yeah @Shawnpinto bro give us some hints​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s not on the board! It will be a secret reveal.
Hints will drop over the week.



Point no. 8 is missing🧐 @Shawnpinto

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The search bar was a much needed component.


Oopsie, there was no point 8 :blob_sweat:
Edited the numbering.

Thanks Saurabh!


You’re most welcome! It’s always a pleasure to be able to contribute to the community in a meaningful way. :space_dab:

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Is the community meet-up invite only?

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Maybe the Surprise product is a Prepaid Card like that of uni Card, etc.


Salary-like accounts for people who can setup an auto-debit to Jupiter? :thinking:

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I am interested in the enhanced account statements especially in excel format.


Hello my fixed deposit is not counting towards my NRV.

Great to see the updated statement generation. Hope you have considered the categories in the the statement too :stuck_out_tongue:

Wild Guess for the Secret product launch - Jupiter credit cards . (@Shawnpinto - I want the first card if my guess is right) :wink:


Secret product is international transfer or credit card :sweat_smile:

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We’ll never know :grin:
It could be something else.

It’s definitely not from the board. So yeah.


Net banking :stuck_out_tongue:

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