Revamped bank account statements on Jupiter

Hey folks!

I’m Shriram, part of the Account Services team here at Jupiter. We’ve (finally) given our bank account statement a revamp!

What’s new:

  1. You can now get statements for custom periods
  2. For those who love some number crunching, you can get your bank account statement in Excel also
  3. You can also directly download the statement to your phone
  4. The format of the statement is now similar to that of our partner bank - which means you can use this to get loans, apply for visas, and use if for any other official purposes
  5. We’ve optimised the statement generation time to get it you in double quick time

How can you get your account statement?

  1. Upgrade to the latest version of the app (2.0.19)
  2. You can go to the ‘My Account’ section on the Jupiter app (by clicking on the hamburger menu on the top right of the home page)
  3. Go to Account Services
  4. Click on Bank Account Statement
  5. Select your preferred period, format, and where you want to get your statement
  6. Click on ‘Get Statement’ to get your statement

This should now be available to most community users!
Test it out and share your feedback with us here

Thanks all.


I just saw about this from the May community updates shared by @Shawnpinto .
In every way, that is an outstanding revamp @Shriram. :cool_doge: :cool_doge:

@Shriram , thank you sharing this update. This definitely was long awaited.

The statement details getting synced with the partner bank is very helpful. Thank you.

I tried downloading the PDF statement. Here are some observations -

  1. As soon the statement gets downloaded, the document opens automatically. I understand this flow could have been set up from ease of use perspective so that the user does not need to look for the statement in downloads, it can stump a few users.
  2. When I came back to the Jupiter app, I wanted to generate another statement and hence I choose the on screen “x” button. Instead of taking me to the screen to pick a new statement period, the statement page closed. Is this how it is supposed to work?

For excel based statement, the app states that the statement cannot be requested on email. Ideally, someone would request for the excel based statement to check them on their laptop or desktop. Checking it in a mobile device may not be as helpful.

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Upon checking, I can verify that both of the mentioned ‘issues’ are for me as well. However, I am particularly worried about the second ‘issue’.
Automatic closing of the statement page after clicking ‘X’ need some fix I think.

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Option to mail the Excel statement is important. Agree with you.


So, now we have option to get statement in Excel format, does anyone second my opinion to include categories and tags beside every transaction in the Excel statement too?

I have been asking this for the long time but Shawn said it might be repetitive.

Need all others opinion so that the team can consider this.

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Indeed, if that feature were to go live, it would be incredibly impressive. With this feature, one could easily find their spending behavior by sorting the data in Excel for a preferred period, such as 3 or 6 months. Additionally, users could create any graph or chart they desire based on their spending with just a simple click in Excel. But hope, this is practical from Jupiter Team’s side.


I agree. Though the grouping is available on the app, it’s availablity in the excel file makes segregation a quick pivot command

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It’s what my idea is.
A simple pivot at the end of the year would do a lot of work for us to balance our finances with graphical presentations.
My clients, when they send the bank statements at the end of the year, I had to ask them to write a description for every transaction so that I could do their filings and all properly. It’s a tedious process.
If jupiter does this, the main issue would be sorted and it would be the first bank in the whole world which provide such feature.
Let’s push team jupiter for this feature. :joy::joy::joy:
@razack @yagnesh01

Let’s do it… !! Does it need petition? :joy:


Looks like it.
We need majority people finding it useful. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope @Shawnpinto is listening to this. :crazy_face:

Once this feature is introduced, I can imagine creating a custom pie chart based on my compiled statements that would be quite amusing! :rofl:

Food everywhere :joy::joy:

Even we would get a pie ( pizza ) spends in a pie chart :joy::joy:

And this is where the beloved tags come into the picture. Within food - vadapv, samosa, burger, pav bhaji, Chinese, etc, etc

Loud and clear.
If you can make a poll and get a lot of yes’s, we’ll think about having it :v:


The feature looks good, however I think I might have to write a PDF parser to convert other banks statements to database objects.
Kudos to the team to be spirited to implement a niche feature.


We did not loose a moment on that and the poll is gathering votes.

Sad part.
Not everyone seems to be voting after viewing. :frowning:

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Yeah only 6 votes :cry: