Account Statement automatically generated

Account Statement automatically generated from 20th Feb to 5th April, which was not generated by me, and i think it is also not possible from Jupiter for specific date statements for now.:arrow_heading_down:

And for this glitch, the banner crossed the screen when i click on Jeewels earned on Pro tab.

Hey @Satyajit_Singh , we’re looking into this.
Thanks for raising it here!

We’ll connect with you once we have an update.

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Hey @Satyajit_Singh,

We were trying to deep-dive into your previous query and this notification got triggered. Thanks for identifying this, we will get this fixed. As to generating statements for specific dates, keep an eye out, we have something coming soon :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey @Shriram . Shawn mentioned that he passed this on to the team. Can we expect any timeline for this to be implemented?

Thanks for the confirmation.

@specter For now, we believe tags and categories are best if it’s shown on the app.
Showing it on a statement might feel repetitive.

However, we are working on how insights can be shown overall.

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How can it be repetitive.
Seeing it in the app is one thing and getting it in the staement is another I feel.
No where it’s repeated this way because statement is not visible in the app right.
If they are in a statement which is downloaded in excel, we could get a summary at the end of year of total categories.
You can ask other people in the community if this suggestion is worth it ,please.
As no other peers are providing this, it keeps the Jupiter ahead of others. @Shawnpinto