Improved Account Statement

The pdf statement generated right now shows less useful information at a glance. It’s a mix of transactional numbers, with only few deets to identify the payees.

Please include the payee name and/ or the payment gateway name to make it easy to read through. Also, consider providing an option to arrange it based on categories!


Also, There should be an option to set a time period for the statement. (eg: 24/11/21 to 2/3/22)
Right now the account statement is only for one month.

Another thing: The pdf statement should have all the data shown in the app (All Transactions) i.e. Category, Paid by Card/UPI, Name of Payee, Tags, Green Color text for money in, Black for money out.
Basically, the All Transaction section in the app is much more useful than the statement, but it is very slow at the same time. Statement received on the mail should be as useful as this section.


@Shawnpinto What about this idea?

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It’s pretty good :slight_smile:
We’ve added a few more data points in statements - phone number, a/c type, holders, a/c opening date. Format and date options are in the pipeline.


Also it’s counterintuitive to find account statement. Would also like it better if you included a ‘Balance’ column

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It would be amazing if we could get all our Monry Spend Trac data too on the statement in form of Texts on every Transaction and Summing up with Pie Charts / Graphs in the end.

It could also be interesting if jupiter could make first in industry to share the exact screen that we get on clicking track spend with an URL and Password for our Parents to check.
Like I am 19 and my parents ask where did I spent. I just need to share a link and password thats it. Multiple links can be generated and managed access time just like we have on google maps while sharing location.

Would love to hear your view on it @Shawnpinto

Also I am always open for a call or meeting if would like to discuss the same in detail.

Thank You.
Hardik Goyal.


@hardik This is a great idea! Adding insights in statements can give the user better understanding. Lemme share this idea with the team :grin:

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Amazing! Thank You! Would love to see the same on my device!! :smile:

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@Shawnpinto I would like to have the option to download the statement from the app itself rather than getting it on email and downloading it from there.

Axis bank mobile app has this feature where we can directly download statement PDF from the app itself which is very convenient.

I would appreciate if spent category is included in the statement. I believe this make statement more meaningful. Also, include support for the statement in different formats such as Microsoft Excel.

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