Account Statement in different format

It would be helpful if the statement can be provided in other formats like excel or csv, to help automate some of my financial tracking.



2 set of questions :-

  1. How can the customer support ask to use any app to convert the PDF to excel?
    You are asking to upload the statement on another app which might use my data in any form.

  2. The general conversion apps do not work as the statement is password protected.


I thought “Export to Excel” was a basic feature. Did not know that RBI guidelines would not allow Jupiter to have that feature. HDFC has that feature.
Anyways, I am not happy with the information of the customer support agent either.

Hey @aakash.kushwaha

We regret the inconvenience caused in this regard. I understand that you would want the account statement in excel format. I have connected with you via DM to assist in your matter :slight_smile: