Bank Statement format

I had applied for a credit card from 2 different card companies , Both of them rejected Jupiter a/c e-statement saying it is not in proper format but they accepted e-statements from Axis bank, ICICI bank and HDFC bank estatements which had proper logo. Please make Jupiter statements also in such format so that they are not rejected

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Could you just provide a demos of that formats? @Shawnpinto, It is important issues. I have one more suggestion. Please add remaining Balance side by side of transaction in account after a particular credit debit transaction. Sometimes I and more users as me need this while inspecting or go through their statements.

I have a great solution for all of those who are facing issue regarding statement. I hope no one will complain about the statement again after it.
You don’t need to go anywhere. Just open this link (it is federal bank certificate portal)—>
Enter account number and submit OTP. Then go to deposit section > Account statement > choose period > download or get in email
Password for statement is First 4 later of name in capital and DDMM eg. MANI0810
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Is it working guys?

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500 error

It worked.

Its a temporary error I guess due to outage or broken server connection! :thinking: