Refund Issue

I am not getting refund from Flipkart to Jupiter card. One time it failed due to payment error. Flipkart Cutomer excutive told me to upload bank statement in pdf file. But that is not available in Jupiter.
Again the refund which I had to recieve from failed, the message reads following:

Refund Unsuccessful: The refund of Rs. 657.0 for your order OD12236******** in the VISA_DIRECT could not be processed. In case of questions, feel free to reach us by clicking here Flipkart Help Center | 24x7 Customer Care Support

Please solve this immediately

Pls log to help section and CS team will promptly respond to you after checking

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I had contacted them. They said that Bank statement will be made available only after full kyc which isn’t available right now


You got the refund or not

No I didn’t receive the refund yet

Same here I also didn’t get my refund

@pandey12345, @Muhammed_Suhan - Checking where your refunds are stuck.
The amount due will be credited to you in full. Let me get back on this.

Very bad service by jupiter please refund my money please please​:pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:

@Vipul_Mehta can you pls get this checked

sorry for the delay i got the refund day after this post i forget to remove from here its all good now :slight_smile:

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