Flipkart doesnt support Jupiter IFSC

I tried getting a refund for a purchase on flipkart and they asked my bank details…
I could type in account number, name etc… But i couldnt add my IFSC (earlier we could type in the IFSC code now we have to select it by filtering through bank name>state>district>city…)

The issue is I couldnt find my Jupiter’s IFSC in it. I checked federal bank branch in kochi and tried many branches but none matches my Jupiter IFSC…
Atlast i gave my Niyox branch details to complete the procedure (First time that i ever touched niyox)

I contact flipkart’s customer care and they told me to add another account and they cant do anything much.

Any workaround for this problem? Flipkart doesnt recognise jupiter as a bank :grin:


GIF is too good :joy::joy:


It was weird feeling I had to get refund but cant add my bank info to it :melting_face:


@Shawnpinto Can anything be done from Jupiter’s side?

Nope, Ashwin you are confused, Jupiter is not a bank.

also don’t worry there is a easy fix if the 7777 IFSC doesn’t work use the alternate IFSC


edit: I’m sorry , I didn’t read the question properly. ill look for a solution on this, this issue is also with the jupiter app so they gotta fix that too.


@Aswin_Benny Can you tell me where I can add my bank account so I can try replicate the same

I have checked for a direct option to add bank account but cant find it… I recieved an sms from flipkart with an updation link

oh okay

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Try alternate ifsc