Account Verify Error

Hello Folks :wave:
Does anyone here have linked their Jupiter account in MobiKwik Xtra?

I have tried it multiple time and it does not get verified. MobiKwik is clueless of this issue. I have not escalated to the Jupiter team.

Same with Jupiter team even they are clueless about it, I think now the only way is to wait :no_mouth: damn!

Yes I had. I takes 1 day like if you change at 1:30 pm it will change at 2 pm next day.

:ok:, can you share screenshot of your linked Jupiter account in MobiKwik Xtra

Do you mean to say you federal bank account is still not getting linked in mobikwik xtra. Can you tell me what error it show to you.

it’s showing “Cannot verify bank”

Screen shot?