Unable to open an account

Hey there @JupiterTeam
I’m unable to open an account after multiple trys , it says that verification failed even though all the documents were correct and even linked with the mobile number . Now even if I want to try again it’s saying there’s problem in identity verification. Please help.

Same happened with my bro.
They said, “You are not meeting the internal policy standards of Jupiter”.

I think this problem is only happening with teenagers, if then they should mention they’ll not open accounts for students and teenagers

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According to me, the photo in Aadhaar is the same since my bro was in 10nth standard. face is slightly change now.

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It doesn’t affect that. Face verification is done by eyes, not by face. In my brother’s case, my brother had updated his Aadhaar a few month ago, but his account was also not opened. In another case one of my friend’s photo in aadhaar card was of 2015, his face has changed a lot but last year his account was successfully opened in fi (also in paytm bank) and he completed his kyc too. Overall, face verification is always done through the eyes, you must have seen that even after covering the face with a mask, your mobile will be unlocked with your face.

It may happen that those who have turned 18 a month or two ago, their account is not being opened. Perhaps the account would be opened 3-4 months after the completion of 18 years.

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So guys, you should wait for 3 months. I hope you will be able to open it at that time.

that could be it since I turned 18 couple of months ago

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A little update on the situation seems like there’s no way around.

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Is it a zero balance account??


yes it is a zero balance account

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