Account opening failed

I tried opening an account. The video verification kept failing and I tried again and again. Now when I open the app it’s saying “Umm. We cannot open an account for you there is an issue with your identity verification you can now close the app”. What is this? Please rectify this issue.

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Hai @Nasih_Basheer welcome to the community.

Suggest you to raise a support ticket by mailing your issue to

I have contacted them, but there has been response.

I am also facing same issues… contact nikhil sir… he is helping me

@Chad Can you retry ? We have again made some changes

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My problem has solved. I have opened the account now. You guys have the best customer support I have ever experienced. I am not the one who goes around praise everybody. One hats off to you guys. Excellent.


No, getting same error…

Issue with identity verification…


Any resolution for me sir?

I have been trying to open account for last 10 days now…

What have you done?

Have your account opened