Unable to open account due to identity verification

Hi guys,

I tried to open an account yesterday. Passed through Aadhar and PAN verification, however when video KYC started, it kept failing. Finally, it started showing an error that “we cannot open an account due to identity verification”. Raised a ticket yesterday by email (Ticket No. 2718337).

Got back an email stating that it was resolved. But when i checked back , the error was still showing.

Could you guys help me out.

Sanal Kumar. S

Hi @SanalkumarS !

Thanks for letting us know :blob_thanks:
We’ll ask the team to get this checked and reach out to you to get this resolved for you.

You’ve shared your ticket ID, this should be fine for now.
If anything else is needed, we’ll connect privately on DMs.



HI @Shawnpinto

Thanks for the reply.

HI @Shawnpinto

So, today the error message “we cannot open an acoount” is gone and the Video KYC is back. I did the Video KYC and made sure that the video was clear as possible, but after uploading , it shows the same error message that “we cannot opem an account because of identity verification”.

I don’t understand what is the issue. I was expecting to open an account in 15 minutes but its been 2 days now since I am spending time behind this.

Should I just give up?


Hi @SanalkumarS The team is looking into this and will get back to you at the earliest.
Thanks for sharing the latest update, this helps! :slight_smile:

Hi @Shawnpinto

Again the error message was cleared. Did the video KYC, kept showing the uploading details page for about 10 minutes, after which it started showing the old error message.
Getting fed up of this. Am i doing the video KYC wrong or something?