Not able to login to Jupiter App

Hey… This morning by mistake I uninstalled my Jupiter Money App… now after reinstalling I am not able to login… after entering MPin the page goes nowhere… please resolve the issue…

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Hello @pankajbhatt, based on the attached screenshot, it appears that the issue is related to technical difficulties with Jupiter’s partner bank, specifically the Federal Bank. Therefore, I believe this is likely a temporary problem. I kindly suggest that you try again in a few hours, preferably after 10 am (banking hour).

Edit: If the issue persists even after attempting multiple times, I suggest creating a support ticket by emailing or by contacting customer care at 08655055086, which is available between 9 am to 9 pm.


Issue not resolved… no response from Jupiter Support Team… what to do next??

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@razack what should be the next step??

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Have you mailed them with attaching these screenshots? If so, You will soon hear from them regarding what’s the issue and hope it resolved soon.
Meanwhile you can DM or chat with @Shawnpinto for a quicker resolution. :+1:

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@razack Yes all done… but still no joy … :cry:

@Shawnpinto please look into it… shared the details with you via DM

Hey @pankajbhatt Welcome to the Community!
This shouldn’t have happened :blob_worried:

The team will get this checked. But before that, I’d need a few details from you to take this forward. Reaching out to you through DMs.


@Shawnpinto @razack @Bridget_Sabu thanks guys… issue resolved… thanks for the swift action… really amazed by your response… God Speed Jupiter … :rocket:


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