Not able to login Jupiter app

I’ve re-installed Jupiter app but now I’m not able to login to my account. I try logging in and it’s showing something cracked
I’ve money in my super pots and it’s really worrying me now
Thanks if anybody can help

I think there is a scheduled maintenance downtime running currently(12:30-3:30am) as the app says, so the system could have issues logging in.

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I need help yaar 1st tried to login it it showed failed to login i reinstalled the app now it wants my number when I put in the info it says ops something cracked and that’s it it’s a really pathetic app i face issues on a daily basis 1st with my kyc now with this

@Saeed_Arshad_Hashemi try and record a video that captures the steps you take before the error comes up and send it to the support team via email - If you are an android user, you will need to record the video using a different device

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