Lost acces to Jupiter bank account

I am frustrated now with Jupiter as I wanted to change my mobile number as I lost my registered number and dont have access to it anymore, however i have some money which is stuck in that account and there is no freakin way to change number even through physical verification, really disappointed.
As a last hope i came to here to seek help however i dont think anything is going to happen, feels really sad to loose hard earned money like this.

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@Sushiii777 I don’t think you can access your account again as there is no way to change mobile number in Jupiter as of now.

But your may be able to get your money back.

Did you raise a complaint at support@jupiter.money?

Tagging @Nikhil_Godbole for clarification.

Yes I have tried to ask them to change my mobile number so that i can take out the money atleast, but if its possible without changing the number it will be really helpful.
Could you please tell me the process?

Please wait for @Nikhil_Godbole to guide further.

I am also not sure how it works. But I am guessing that there will be a process for this.

As Jupiter is mostly automated especially to keep costs down, I suppose these issues crop up.

I am sure that Jupiter will make a note of it and improve.

Let’s hope for good, If i got my money back It’ll be really helpful

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@Sushiii777 Welcome to the community
Have you tried obtaining a duplicate SIM card from your network provider’s office? I believe that would be a simpler process compared to changing your mobile number on the app.

@Sushiii777 If you have lost the old number, we will not be able to update the new number. Do you have access to the debit card or Cheque book ?

Yes i tried to do that too, but the number is already alloted to someone else.

Yes i have the debit card with me but it is not working i tried many times

@Sushiii777 Are you trying to withdraw money from the ATM ? Please help with the last 2 digits of the Debit Card

Yes i tried to withdraw it from atm and the last two digits are 77

@Sushiii777 That is deactivated card. The new one which is issued is only a virtual card which you can access it via App. unfortunately, since you do not have access to the old number, App access is also not possible. Let me get someone to call you and assist in this scenario.

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I was busy at that time so I was not able to answer the call so I request you sir to kindly arrange a callback for now if possible.

Do you have chequebook? You can withdraw your money from branch. You can still request the chequebook and withdraw money from branch. If you have debit card you can withdraw money easily.

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Yes talked to customer care and they have raised a request for chequebook, so it will be helpful to withdraw money


Ya, my Punjab national bank didn’t even had a phone number. And even my grandfather don’t have a number in the account of sbi he do everything offline by cheque, cash deposit, passbook. And even my father don’t use the mobile banking. He have a business and have to make neft and rtfs payment. I have told him many times that you can simply transfer money only but he have a habit of going to bank and doing rtgs and neft that he don’t even look try to learn about online transfer


Although if you have money in fixed deposit or pots that can be a issue

I also think that online banking is bit convenient but offline banking is more reliable

I think each of them have their own benefits and disadvantages…and hence both of them need to coexist…