Unable to change registered mobile number

It’s been one year I have a Jupiter account still I am unable to get solution
I lost my mobile number
I keep mailing to Jupiter to change my mobile number
But nobody did still now they always say they don’t have that feature

@Muzu_Khan the experience can be frustrating. While we are not privy to the past communication, there is an option to update the number from within the app. And if that is a challenge, the only way to fix it via the customer care.

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@Muzu_Khan Welcome to the Jupiter Community.
Have you used the Jupiter App recently or are you currently logged out? If you have access, you can change your mobile number through the app. However, if you don’t have access, it would be advisable to obtain a replacement SIM card.

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:confused: unfortunately I don’t have access to that sim card it’s been 1 year

Then you should visit federal bank branch with kyc documents for mobile number change

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Ok brother.
One solution is obtaining the duplicate sim card. Have you tried that?
Another solution is by visiting to the Federal bank branch, Which I am not sure whether it works or not. @DigitaL can you confirm ?

Will I can’t get that simcard bcuz of some personal issues
And have been to federal Bank the clearly set me it is not possible from their end.

I had done offline number change for PNB bank & icici bank.
It should work for bank as per Rbi guidelines

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Yes I do own few more banks
And they have facility to change the number
But in Jupiter they don’t have this facility

Tell them to reject your request in writing along with Reasons

If Jupiter can launch to KYC verification online to change the mobile number or any federal Bank for the support for this situation it could be really helpful

No without the previous registered mobile active… bank should not allow mobile number change just via online kyc… it will be highly risky/fraud
Physical verification definitely required in this kind of case for security reasons

Yeah that’s y they can get to federal Banks for kyc or documentations

I recently changed my axis bank number online but it was done after receiving otp at my previous registered mobile number… So its secure.
But without the Active register mobile number it will be highly risky to change RMN online (anybody can do this by stealing kyc documents or whatever means).
So i believe for account security RMN change should be done only offline in this kind of case(where previous number already lost)