Mobile Number Update Outside App

I am logged out of my app and no longer have access to my registered mobile number, hence unable to login.

How do I change my mobile number or when can we expect this feature to roll in?

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Hai @sagarv , Good morning and welcome to the community…
There is an option to edit the mobile number, but you can access the option only after logging in. Hence I would recommend raising a support ticket by emailing your issue to or by contacting customer care at 08655055086 (available from 9 am to 9 pm).

Also, you can look for a duplicate sim, if the sim is registered under your name. It is easy to obtain one from the sim network provider’s office.

I have already raised a ticket, but have received the same response that it can only be done after logging in. I have raised this thread to update mobile number outside of the app or a way to get it done somehow.

The SIM number has already been transferred over to someone else, hence I cannot issue a new SIM for the same number.

Do you guys have a plan to roll some feature for this like have it updated via Federal Bank branch or if we can login to the app via registered email ID?

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Sagar , your situation just got a bit tricky as the SIM has been transferred to someone else.

Suggest, you share all the details along with ticket# with Shawn Pinto via DM. He is the community manager and could get more help arranged

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We’ve taken this up on DMs.

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Hello Sagar!

We hear your concern. I’m connecting with you via DM to have this addressed for you.

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Hi sir I need to change my father name in Jupiter account for kyc but option not available

@Sweta1 as of the best option available is for you to reach out to Jupiter support team at and discuss the next steps.

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