Debit card issue

Hi guys my debit card not workingi ll complaint online because my mobile no is stolen and i complaint to mobile service they say sir we give this no to someone else I want to change my number they don’t reply me now I want to take out my money with my ATm

payment decline by your bank

Hi @Yashtyag1,
If the atm card was not blocked, then it should work in the ATM.
In case it is being declined in ATM, please check this post below and try to withdraw cash from any of these ATMs.

It might just work, but if it doesn’t you can mail your issue at
Hopefully you get your issue resolved.

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@Yashtyag1 Welcome to the Jupiter Community.
I am assuming the screenshot you tried is of PayTM.
Unfortunately you cannot add your money from Jupiter to Paytm or other wallets via debit card since you will not recieve any OTP for completing the transaction.

As @Abhishek_Ulayil has pointed, the one option you can try is to withdraw the money from any of listed ATMs. Also, as pointed out by him, kindly send a request mail to change your mobile number with relevant proofs.

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Sir I’ll try my card in SBI ATM it shows your transaction declined by your bank

@Yashtyag1 this is a very peculiar situation. This will need a lot of coordination with the support team and will involve multiple emails and phone calls.

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We’ll need to check what we can do here to solve this.
@Yashtyag1 Let’s connect on DMs. :email:

Its a interesting incident.
Register mobile number allotted to someone else due to non-usage for i guess 6 months.
Bank account still active with balance in der & may be debit card usage was turn off.
Now to get access to the account you have to change mobile number or ask for otp from the new owner of your current RMN.

This is a common practice followed by telecom service providers. However, requesting an OTP from new owner can be quite risky, as users can easily download the Jupiter app and confirm their identity through verification SMS. Once confirmed, they can access and transfer funds using UPI to any other account. This risk is not exclusive to Jupiter, but applies to any other banking app as well.

Previously, WhatsApp was also susceptible to this risk until they introduced the security pin feature for access.

Try with federal bank atm or any one in the above list. If it works out then it would be good for you.

Punjab National Bank atm

But how to change Register mobile number in this kind of senerio?
Without RMN we can’t get access to the newly installed Jupiter app

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Folks, this situation will need Yash and the support to connect. There is very little we can do to help

Only through mails and calls.
Hope the customer team/concerned team can assist the user with the support of Federal bank to change the mobile number through a bank visit since its a rarest of rare case.

Yes branch visit with kyc documents is the safest & quickest option here

Which place I can do kyc in delhi

@Yashtyag1 the team got this checked and noticed you had blocked the card recently.

Can you check the card settings to see if anything is turned off?

If I have my number I can check it why I messaged you ? I dnt have my number I have my card and all documents which I add to Jupiter I’ll give you all proof that these account belongs to me help me to get my account back

Not a single reply from customer care service

Having a saving account without access to RMN is an emergency case. Visit any nearby federal bank branch with all kyc documents along with formal letter requesting RMN change explaining the circumstances.

Are you sure problem not with the pnb atm? I have three accounts pnb, kotak and federal. All have branch near my home but only the federal atm work fine and only federal have the cash deposit machine.