Changing of upi id and debit card not working at most atms

Please allow to change the default upi id as it contains our mobile no in it. This gets shared across all merchants while we scan and pay. I do not want to share my no. As a result allow us to personally change it as per availability as most other apps do. Also the debit card doesnt work on most of the atms , i have tried it on atleast 5 atms . please fix these issues asap. It will really ease banking for us

Hey @Ronaldo_Pledger , could you let us know the ATM’s that you’ve tried? Oh and, do have a look at the card setting once. Some options could be disabled/limit set.

Regarding the phone number being seen in UPI ID, I’ll bring this up to the team. Thanks for letting us know :slight_smile:

Yes i have checked all the settings regarding atm in the jupiter app its all turned on. It still isnt working . ive used it on hdfc , axis , cosmos , bank of maharashtra atms .

Got it. I’ll DM you for more details. Thanks!