UPI Page revamp in Jupiter app

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Hey Team,
I like Jupiter UI and everything but I have few reservations about UPI features on the app.
While the App is sufficient for most of the personal as well merchant payments,I feel UPI module is lacking some features I am about to explain.

  1. The module doesn’t have functionality to transfer in b/w self accounts.
  2. I have seen that while you are paying to sn UPI ID you can still check the bank balance even during the transaction (same like Paytm) ,if you are to bring above feature into reality,please don’t forget this.

Thanks for sharing this @Mukesh_kumar_Bharti . This is pretty good feedback for Self transfers.
This is in the works!
Lemme pass this on to the team :slight_smile:

Also adding it here - Payment tab gets a revamp 🛠️

Allow pasting in the fields. Bit difficult to type in upi ids…

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@Aswin_Benny We can paste the ID’s though. We just need to long press on the text field.

Does it not work for you? :face_with_monocle:
Also, where exactly are you trying this from?

It works now :thinking: (weird)… Yesterday i tried a lot… And had to manually type everytime… (I updated jupiter today)

Well pasting upi id is possible… Nice :ok_hand::ok_hand:

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