Feedback around Payments

Hey guys! We’re looking to get some feedback and ideas from you around the payments on Jupiter- Debit Cards, UPI and Bank Transfers.
Let us know if you have any inputs in the comments below!


Upi ever time technical error please improve this.

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Can we get more NEFT & IMPS are free ?

Hey @Mihika_Tummalapalli, I’m a big fan of the OneCard’s ‘Swipe to Pay’ feature :wink: OneCard- Swipe to Pay


Btw, are you going to implement this upcoming UPI redressal mechanism or is it Axis being the PSP bank? :eyes:


Also, a fan of Visa Safe Click (VSC) elsewhere when I don’t ‘Swipe to Pay’ One-Click Payments & Checkout | Visa Safe Click

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Me too bro… Jupiter has to have it.
Along with fingerprint authentication for upi payments.


Basics- being fast, reliable and stable option for payments. Jupiter needs to focus on basics first.

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I came across a video that involves carding and those guys takes advantage of Visa, mastercards without otp to crry out the fraud… They prefer US and such countries stating the dont have OTP protection…

How safe will it be without OTP protection?

VSC is considered safe with Visa’s in-house threat engine and a secure validation system in place to authenticate transactions below INR 2000.

I can’t vouch for their security though :yum:

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Option to set-up UPI Pin/Reset with aadhar without Debit Card

  • Yes :wink:

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I dont like this because I am still with OTP authentication because when I don’t have my phone I can use my email to check the otp.

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  1. Self transfer (transfer in own different account via upi)
  2. UPI Autopay
  3. Biometric authentication for payment
  4. Recharge and bill payments with offers

Debit cards

  1. A UPI QR for receiving payments on card
  2. Biometric authentication for pay online. No otp just as swipe to pay in onecard.

Bank transfer

  1. Small avatars as dp for quick payee Identification.
  2. Add money to jupiter account using debit card.
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Might This post will be helpful?

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Jupiter doesn’t need to do this as it’s a bank itself.

@Dhruv Jupiter isn’t Bank itself.
It’s Advanced Version of Mobile Banking with Next Level Feature cum separate supports.

See the Selected Text

Currently Jupiter doens’t have many options what I’ve discussed there.

Phonepe and oaytm has started charging for recharges… I think mobile recharges and stuffs should be worked out in jupiter with high priority

It should be launched in couple of weeks itself.

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Bill payments, hehe. This means another lab test folks :party_parrot: