Got My Jupiter Debit Card

On Time Delivery :+1:


@Anand_Singh Welcome aboard! :rocket:

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I have one question…what upi transactions are eligible for rewards? @Shawnpinto

@Anand_Singh You can check out the T&C’s in the rewards tab. For more details, reach out to our support team via in app chat :grinning:


I have got my JUPITER Debit card and I have Done POS transaction…still in app it is show it will reach and we are working on it…please fix it

What is the cost charged for this debit card?

no charges for the debit card

I invited someone but he wants Debit Card delivered to a different address. How can this be done? @JupiterTeam @Shawnpinto

@Pratyushh This can’t be done at the moment. Demographic changes aren’t allowed yet.
This feature is being built.

Ohkay, that’s a bummer :neutral_face:
Oh well.

@Anand_Singh yes upi transactions are eligible but only for veeified users. You need to have verified account instead of basic.