Jupiter's Rewards are changing, and you have to decide if its for the good or not

For those who’ve missed the email, here you go:

We wanted to let you know that we’re making changes to our Rewards Terms & Conditions. These will affect the way Rewards are earned and redeemed on Jupiter.

There’s no action needed from you.
We encourage you to read more about these changes on our Terms & Conditions page. You can also view these changes by visiting the Rewards tab on the Jupiter app. Here are the highlights.

What’s changing
Rewards make your experience better, and we’ve made them more secure and responsible. With these new changes, we’ll be able to reward Qualified Purchases only.

We’ve seen some folks abusing Rewards on Jupiter. So we’ve introduced the concept of “Qualified Purchases for Rewards” . This means that some transactions, which aren’t Qualified Purchases , will not be eligible for Rewards anymore. That’ll help prevent the misuse of Rewards, and will enable us to give more benefits to genuine users in the future.

These updated terms will apply to all transactions made 1st September 2021 onwards:

* Rewards for Domestic Qualified Purchases, made using Debit Card & UPI, will be redeemable 15 days after you earn them. On the app, you’ll be able to see the date after which you can convert Rewards to cash. We’re doing this to account for refunds/reversals of transactions and to prevent misuse.
* Rewards for International Qualified Purchases, made using Debit Card & UPI, will be redeemable 45 days after you earn them. Everything else will work the same way as for Rewards earned on Domestic spends.
* Payments for digital wallets, credit or loan products, or online gaming platforms will not be eligible for Rewards. In addition, transactions at gambling platforms, financial, legal or political institutions will also not be rewarded.
* Jupiter will have the sole and final discretion in identifying a purchase as a Qualified Purchase for Rewards.

Our commitment to giving you an amazing & transparent experience on Jupiter hasn’t changed. As we grow, we may take steps to prevent misuse of features. Just to make sure that genuine usage of the Jupiter app gets its fair share of benefits.

Thank you for being one of the first few Jupiter members, and please visit Jupiter Help if you have any questions.

Team Jupiter 🚀

I feel like Jupiter can just make negative Jewels, this will probably harm everyone less, yes, still there will be some loss for Jupiter, but it will all probably be less. Or like wallets do, if at the time of refund there are remaining jewels in the account then just debit those jewels and if there aren’t. Credit the refunded amount after adjusting for redemption with a little note in the transaction reversal page about the adjustment.

I just think there are better ways to implement this and this is just one- don’t take it harsh- a lazy implementation. But you could also argue Jupiter is trying to keep it simple. Isn’t “Instant Rewards” an exceptional marketing term?

I am keen on what are your thoughts are, you fantastic Jupiters


yep i also think so instead of lockdown of jewels just give jewels to qualified purchase and in case of refunds deduct that from either jewel or directly from refund amount instead of doing this tedious cooldown period instant jewel was one of the thing which i really liked it but now it is gone :frowning:


I think it is for the good. Jupiter needs time to insure only legit consumerist behaviour gets rewarded.

On the same note here is a feedback: Please implement some kind of auto redemption of jewels.
Many people may already have tens of important things to do throughout the day and they might not want redeeming jewels to be one of them. We came to Jupiter to make our life easier.

Another feedback: If possible, keep the redeem to cashback always. For example, I have so many useless coupons, discounts, and offers in google pay, paytm etc. This is may be controversial, depends on the aim and vision of Jupiter.

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I absolutely second this. For one, I would readily opt for a cashback free app rather than a coupon-this-coupon-that experience.

This will change the card completely from rewards to cashback. @JupiterTeam will have other ideas to do with Jewels like vouchers, perhaps with higher value than cashback redemption and maybe even Bharat bill-pay discounts with higher value when you redeem jewels than the usual 1:1 conversion. If this isn’t something under the works then it should be done. Otherwise this should just be a cashback card because the jewels are never expiring anyway, so it will be redeemed at some point. Why bother with jewels when you can just bypass it to cash then?

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You are right. Auto redemption doesn’t make any sense. Redeem will not always be cashback. Coupons, vouchers etc. are actually inevitable. They unlock targeted consumerist behaviour. Which is, well, a profitable business. For Jupiter to not eventually go this way will require a signficant change in their philosophy and strategy.


I would readily agree for sensible charges required for Jupiter’s sustainability but I would seriously not want all the ad banners, coupons, promotions and stuff.


agreed, there should be a section under rewards that can be disabled in settings from even showing that allows you to enter the Rewards Store

I don’t want a YONO Sbi replica here :rofl:

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If there was an option to toggle off reward points, how would bread app users redeem their 3.5lakh bread points :sob::sob:


ye lol, bread points are pretty crap :face_vomiting:

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Call was taken considering all available options. As per compliance, we are not allowed to touch customer funds. so we can’t debit anything from refund, deposit money or for that matter any txn.

This automatically dissuades reward abuser as we get ability to see patterns of abuse and block those rewards accordingly.


Wow, RBI is quite stern. I assume this only applies for wallets, but Freecharge, Amazon pay and maybe some more have all adjusted distributed rewards on that transaction while crediting refunds.

“Refunded Rs 437.11 (Rs 50 cashback adjusted) for Order on 1 mg healthcare solutions pvt ltd. Updated Bal Rs 387.75” ~Freecharge

Yes exactly
Today I did a transaction at Zomato using UPI … Apparently they use Razorpay as payment partner… And the transaction is marked as restricted payment :joy:


See @Jiten @Bankofthefuture if you’re going to restrict the rewards on approximately 99% of txn category, there’s no point in continuing the rewards. Better stop thm and save your bucks.

How do you explain a user not getting rewards for a food order on Zomato? How is that a abuse of your reward system?

You can also start following Google Pay’s reward system. Start giving scratch cards with 99% of those as ‘Better Luck Next Time’. This will fulfill your agenda of giving so called Jewel rewards.


What?! Zomato doesn’t qualify as a merchant? That is kinda odd


Yeah true bro…

They are selecting merchants as qualified or not qualified by their payment gateway .
Things should be change . Because most of the merchants use razorpay as their payment gateway which refers that merchant as not qualified .

Are you talking about PayU?

I aslo agreed with you man!

Razorpay is Blocked tomorrow PayU will be blocked there is no sense of giving rewards.