Introducing Switch | The 3-in-1 credit card

Hi everyone!

We want to share some updates and the launch of our RuPay credit card offering.

If there’s one thing credit card users in India want right now, it’s the freedom to choose their rewards according to their lifestyle. It’s no wonder then, that the credit card market has grown so quickly over the past few years, pointing towards a greater demand for personalized rewards.

So we’ve switched things up a bit :sparkles:

Introducing Switch, the 3-in-1 credit card :credit_card:

Whether you’re a traveler, a foodie, or someone who loves to shop, this card is for you.

Switch between

  • Travel :airplane:
  • Dining :plate_with_cutlery:
  • Shopping :shopping:

Which mode will you choose? :index_pointing_at_the_viewer:

  • Travel mode :airplane:
  • Shopping mode :shopping:
  • Dining mode :plate_with_cutlery:
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Note: You can switch once per quarter!

And get:

  • Assured 2% cashback - On either shopping, travel, or dining :gift:
  • Assured 0.4% cashback - On all other UPI and credit card spends :moneybag:
  • Lifetime free :raised_hands:t3:
  • ₹250 Welcome Voucher :tickets:

Ease of UPI. On a credit card

Scan & Pay any QR to make UPI payments with your Edge CSB Bank RuPay Credit Card

For more details, head over to our website - RuPay Credit Card - Edge CSB Bank RuPay Credit Card on Jupiter

We’re live! :party_parrot:

Watch our launch video here:

Your thoughts! :speaking_head:

While the team is working on Switch, we want to hear your thoughts on the overall product.

Please share your feedback in the thread below :point_down:t3:
Switch now.


I am interested eligibility

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Wondering why can’t you simply say 2% for all 3 categories.
If you think value you provide for not just 1 category but 3, it can simply be 3 categoreis.
Why there should be a manual intervention to change it to respective ones whenever I do swipe.


If theres atleast say 2% can be availed for only 1 category in a month (were other 2 category can give less than 2%), then it’s making sense to mark a particular category.

Please bring back 5% cashback
3 in 1 is not useful
All other credit card are giving more cashback
CSB credit card are facing transaction failed most time please update it


@Jiten those who got rejected initially will they get another chance to apply for the card? Will be there some kind of a cool down period?

Not at all clear on how the switch thing works…Can I switch the mode any number of times or is there any limit per day/month?

So now cashback reduced from up to 5% to :small_red_triangle_down:2%

and still no proper update on Jupiter app for card.
Even no proper details for which categories or merchants are applicable for what percentage of cashback and i think within few months cashback details are updated so now i think this is not trust worthy sign.

Just keeping wrong advertisements and gain the public interest.

Also check this post: Transaprency issue: Eligible for Edge VISA card while not eligible for Edge Rupay card


Hai, @hemanthchandra62 Once you opted the category, you need to wait for 3 months. Only after 3 months, you can switch to another category


Please stop spamming me everyday with same sms, WhatsApp, E-mail
I told you and your team don’t send me any message related to edge card but still same, BTW you’re team is working on my concern since Nov/Dec 23 and till date they do not have any update…and just blame CSB everytime.
Very pathetic service/support.


Normal reward 2 jewel/100rs (0.4% value)
Special category 10 jewel/100rs (2% value)
LTF card with 250 welcome benefits
Overall decent LTF card and my only suggestion will be to include less MDR margin Bill payment category also in the 2% club then it will surely be a great card to acquire

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Video kyc not connecting i tried many times app also updated

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Video KYC not working. Tried multiple times and gave up.

switch is ok … sometime scanner doesnt show credit card option in gpay … or on jupiter app aswell… if its a upi card then it should be able to pay all the merchant and all on the barcode or scanner code??

It’s because either merchant QR is probably his/her personal account’s and it’s not a merchant account or any the merchant has disabled that option. In the case, either Gpay or Jupiter doesn’t show credit card option to pay.

Simply, RBI has to make a rule that merchants can’t disable Rupay Credit Card payments up to ₹2000


Jupiter is a foot in the door scam. To answer the question asked in the post, I’m waiting to accumulate enough of their so-called Jewels, so I can redeem them and close the credit card. And then wait until 6 months to close their useless bank account.

They created a big drama about Rupay credit card, with waiting list, etc. and 5% cashback on Rupay CC with UPI. For the first few transactions, there was 5% cashback, then suddenly it was down to 0.4%.

Rupay CC with UPI is hardly accepted by anyone. While this is not Jupiter’s fault, they conveniently forgot to mention this while peddling their product.

The Jewels can be redeemed only to a Jupiter account, or else you can get “vouchers” (for which you need thousands of jewels) or you can buy digital gold (paying GST, of course), and then good luck figuring out how to sell that digital gold.

Why exactly do the jewels need to be redeemed in multiples of 100? You are aware of fractions, as seen in the whopping 0.4% cashback, then why can’t you let us redeem jewels not in multiples of 100?


Come on… you guys marketed this product saying 5% cashback and now once you get sufficient people onboard, you have devalued the credit card. This does not look good.


I applied for Jupiter rupay credit card but there was an error in my application some mistake in application and was rejected during kyc
I want to make the changes
But there is no option of correcting the credit card application nor withdrawing the application and reapply
I judt got stuck butween the process since 7 months
The executives said such facility is not available as of now ( we will intimate )

Either correction shall be allowed or else withdrawing and reapplying shall be allowed

Kindly consider

My Credit card transactions are failing continuously, tried calling support team but there is no use. Can anyone help me why my credit transactions are getting failed.

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