Introducing Edge RuPay Credit Card ๐Ÿ’ณ

Hello everyone! :hyper_wave:

We have been waiting for a long time for this, Itโ€™s finally here :see_no_evil:

Some of you must have seen the teasers here: 1 day to go for the big reveal!

Few folks even got it right! :party_parrot:

Screenshot 2023-09-06 at 3.09.25 PM
Screenshot 2023-09-06 at 3.09.33 PM

Jupiter at Global Fintech Fest 2023 :party_parrot:

The Jupiter team was at was GFF yesterday and gotta say, it was amazing.

Check out some of our snaps on Linkedln!

@Jiten unveiled the Edge RuPay Credit Card - issued by CSB bank, in partnership with NPCI.

The Edge RuPay Credit Card! :credit_card:

Make UPI Payments, now with your Credit Card!

The design :art:

Weโ€™ve gone ahead with a half opaque half transparent design.
You can see the circuit lines on the right hand side of the card.

Thatโ€™s how it actually looks in normal cards. Weโ€™ve made it clear!
This is how it all started :grimacing:

How to get the card? :eyes:

We have released a waitlist on our Website: RuPay Credit Card - Edge CSB Bank RuPay Credit Card on Jupiter
You will need to enter your name, email ID & phone number, (PAN no. optional).

An OTP will be sent your phone number. Once confirmed, you will get a waitlist number.

The team will review the requests and you will be contacted if youโ€™re eligible for the Edge RuPay Credit Card.

Jump the queue? :running_man:

Weโ€™re currently building ways for our waitlisted members to jump the queue.
So stay tuned for more updates!

What are your thoughts on the Edge RuPay Credit Card? :speech_balloon:

We want to know how you feel and think.
The design, offerings, concept of Scan and Pay through Credit, everything!

Let us know in the comments below.


Welcome Back Edge :credit_card: :credit_card:
The design :fire: :fire: :fire:

Waiting :cool_doge: :cool_doge:


Liked the naked design. Thatโ€™s something โ€˜Nothingโ€™! :heart_eyes::ok_hand:


Any word on why you chose CSB instead of your existing partner Federal? :eyes:

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Perhaps CSB and Jupiter share a remarkably similar colour branding. :smiley:
Happy for another Kerala-based bank :v:t2:

@Shawnpinto There should be some sort of waitlist number on the app tooโ€ฆ


I want it


Iโ€™ll likely qualify for the card, but my wife may not (because she is not earning much). Will there be an option to get this card with a fixed deposit collateral? Or, if you allow add-on cards, I can get an add-on in her name.


@Shawnpinto @Jiten The card design is absolutely insane and saw the event it was so nice.
BTW I joined the waitlist from Jupiter app and thereโ€™s no waitlist no. generated, only showing your response was recorded now do I need to join waitlist again by the link/website you shared?


The design looks amazing, would like to know more about the 5% cashback and lounge access,

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@Shawnpinto So the application through the app wonโ€™t be counted?

As youโ€™ve mentioned to apply through the card landing page I did it and got a waitlist number of 8k

But Iโ€™ve applied yesterday itself through the app based on which I had to get ahead of the assigned waitlist number.


Will I my application through the landing page be considered or the app?

Now, as Iโ€™ve applied through both which would be considered by your team.

Why make this so confusing?!

The card design brings back the memory of the MTV Mastercard that Citibank used to offer. Since then, have never seen an intriguing design like this. I have tried the scan and pay feature on the Jupiter app using the scan and pay feature using the Neu Rupay card and experience is seamless. Hence, the experience of a card that rests within the app is bound to be seamless. While the โ€˜up to 5%โ€™ rewards on every transaction will have its own set of conditions apply, I feel the simple approach makes things much easy to fathom. All in all, excited to see how this unfolds.


Great design :heart:

You missed my name :stuck_out_tongue:
I was the first one to bat for this card. :frowning:

I absolutely loved the design. Eagerly waiting to get my hands on it!! <3

Hope community members will get preference over other waitlisted members.
Any estimated time within how many days it will be issued to the waitlisted members? @Shawnpinto


I have joined the waitlist but I am not a Jupiter account holder. Will I still be eligible for this card?

Yes :laughing:

Is this the card you referred to? @yagnesh01 sir, What was so special about its design? was that card Translucent?

Most probably no. In the GFF event, it was told that this card will be exclusive to Jupiter app.

But there is a Jupiter app decoupling happening. So you might be able to get the card without a Jupiter account.


@Shawnpinto Design is gooood, offerings is not clear with the details provided so far and the concept is too good. People can easily get traooed by using more than required :joy:

Questions(not asked so far on this thread):

  1. How is eligibility decided?
    Classic answer would be Bank policy :wink:
    Just want to know, if a CIBIL Enquiry would be involved?

  2. Would it be a proper credit card or a card with credit line eg: slice?

More questions to follow later :see_no_evil:

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Great move :clap: :ok_hand:


I am interested, please process the same.

Hai @Ratchagan Welcome to the community
If you are interested, Please click on the link and fill the details to get waitlisted :+1:t2: Edge UPI Credit Card