Edge Visa Credit Card

Hello everyone! :wave:

We know you’ve been waiting, wondering, and asking about our first Credit Card. Well, we’ve been busy designing, super-charging, and sharpening the edges.

I’m excited to announce the launch of our Credit Card! :tada:
This is one of our biggest product reveals yet and we would like our Community to know about it first.

A few weeks ago, Jiten shared a note on a Co-branded Credit Card :point_down:

And then we gave a hint for its name. It had an “E” the day before yesterday.
And now, it’s time for the big reveal…


A card that Rewards you for how you spend.
Edge, That’s what we’re calling it :slight_smile:

Screenshot 2023-06-09 at 1.26.31 PM

@Satyajit_Singh had guessed it right! You must have read our minds :exploding_head:

The design :art:

We’ve gone ahead with our classic teal instead of spacefire.
You can see a giant J on the front, along with the Edge logo at the center.

The name of the user will be in front. The sides are in space fire.

So, what’s in store? :gift:

:rocket: Get 5x rewards on your top 3 brands
5 jewels on every ₹100 spent on 3 brands you choose

:rocket: 2x on all other spends
2 Jewels for every ₹100 spent.

:rocket: Endxiety with Credit
With easy Edge Card controls, you can go about your day without the fear of ever exceeding your credit limit or overspending

:rocket: No rounding. Get a pointed view of your spends!
Tracking spends by Categories empowers you to take control of your money

Fees and structure :scroll:

  • Joining Fee - ₹0
  • Annual Fee - ₹999, but it is waived for annual spends 1.5 lakh or more.

How does it look in the app? :iphone:

Sneak peeks of the app UI :point_down:

How does it look in real life? :eyes:

We’ll save that for another reveal :stuck_out_tongue:
The onboarding kit is pretty fancy :package:

Access and roll-out :tick:

We’re selecting a few folks for beta access and an email will be sent for onboarding. It’s going out in phases.

We will be sharing more updates soon.
Stay tuned :bell:


Wow…The mass re-entry of Jupiter Edge :tada::tada::tada::fire::fire::fire:

@Satyajit_Singh That guess was spot-on bro :joy::joy::partying_face:


Pretty Excited :star_struck:


Now it’s the Edge Era :party_parrot: :cool_doge:


Very excited


Great to hear this finally it’s coming up… anyway @Shawnpinto I have a question- Does existing federal bank cc holder eligible for this?


Really excited for it, was waiting for somthing like this since Edge was removed due to policy changes !



How to get this credit card and when it will be released?


Reward structure was probably re-structured because of this :wink:

Fi CC also has similar rewards, right?


Useless CC lol. Dead on arrival. Amazon Pay ICICI is 1% on all spends (doesn’t matter on brand) and is LTF. I can list 10 CC’s better than this whose fee is lower or even LTF.


Shawn mentioned the following:

‘We’re selecting a few folks for beta access and an email will be sent for onboarding. It’s going out in phases.’

TBH, I was expecting more with so much hype around it. Also, there were a lot of suggestions provided by the community. Hope it is improved upon before general release!


@Shawnpinto @Jiten can existing Federal bank credit card users (such as those using onecard etc) also apply for this? Would that be allowed? Or does Federal bank have a strict 1 credit card per PAN holder policy? Or is Federal bank working on accomodating more than 1 credit card per PAN holder? This should be explicitly clarified i think in the main post, as it potentially would be a common FAQ. @Shawnpinto


@Shawnpinto @Jiten Looks dope and much awaited! But kindly consider this suggestion as a priority. To be best in the segment, comes a great challenge. It’s the fee structure! 0 joining fee is a good step but annual fee of 999rs is a big meh for most of the people who are used to lifetime free credit cards. The waiver option is a good move but 1.5L is not possible for many having more than 1 credit card. (Ps I have 8 plus and most of them are ltf!) So kindly look into this and rethink about the fee structure. The debit card fee thing has already damaged Jupiter’s image in most minds but having pro makes it free card so something similar should be adopted for credit card. A ltf or lower annual fee will be a bang in the segment!


0.25% cashback on every spend, Low Tier Visa Platinum not even Signature with Annual Fee 999rs🤡. Jupiter is always bad in terms of credit products Good luck selling that.

IndusInd and icici offers signature cards LTF. many banks give atleast 1% cashback. Dead on arrival. Whoever top management take my comment seriously


I was about to point out the same but I didn’t wanted to be so direct! Let us see if they can accept our suggestions and make it LTF or reduce the spend criteria or decrease the annual fee…


Congrats team on the launch.
But sadly, not the one I was expecting i.e., Rupay.
Bit disappointed.

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my account received

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Now federal bank is offering ltf cards but approval rate is next to none :sweat_smile:


It’s rebranded federal bank credit card with design change. All benefits are same. Federal bank offers same fee and that 0.25%. Practically no innovation. Maybe it’s on Jupiter UI is only benifit. We’re customers so we need to give feedback.


So I think it’s a platinum card. Wish more people get access to it. I think signature credit Card requires more income and all. Also it is more rewarding. But will be happy if more people can get access to it. :full_moon_with_face: