Edge CSB bank RuPay Credit Card 💳

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We know it has been a while since we announced our Edge CSB Bank RuPay Credit Card waitlist. We’re happy to share that we’ve got a very positive response to our waitlist and interest in our Credit Card.


For that reason, the team has been working on fine-tuning the offering & product before we go live. I’m sharing some important details so you know what’s coming your way :point_down:

We can’t wait for you to experience the product :partying_face:

Extending the conversation from our previous thread.


Your benefits :gift:

:credit_card: Lifetime Free Credit Card

  • ₹0 Joining Fee
  • ₹0 Annual/Renewal Fee

:gift: Up to 5% assured cashback on UPI spends with Credit Card

Any UPI payment to merchants offline (Scan & Pay), and online via Jupiter app.

:raised_hands:t4: Flat 1% on all non-UPI Credit Card spends

Offline & online non-UPI spends with the Credit Card. Use your card as usual to pay on the go!

:shopping: Welcome Voucher worth ₹250

On the first successful transaction with UPI using your credit card on the Jupiter app. Select from top partner brands Amazon, Flipkart, Swiggy, Zomato, or Myntra (No minimum transaction value)

:sparkles: Extra 1% cashback once monthly spends cross ₹30,000

Earn extra 1% cashback on incremental spends after you hit the ₹30,000 milestone, in a given billing cycle. The milestone includes all UPI-Credit Card spends & non-UPI Credit Card spends
(Extra cashback will be credited at the end of the billing cycle)

:fuelpump: 1% fuel surcharge waiver

On min. spend of ₹400 & max. spend of ₹3,000 (Exclusive of GST and other charges)
Get a maximum waiver of ₹100 per billing cycle

Key points to note :scroll:

Earn assured cashback for all UPI-Credit Card transactions via the Jupiter app. Cashback will be credited as Jewels, similar to other products in the Jupiter app. 5J = 1₹. Spend on top categories such as Groceries, Food & Beverage, Dining Out, Fitness & Health, and Travel for a higher chance of rewards…

How to Redeem:
Redeem Jewels as Cash, Brand Vouchers, or Digital Gold

Cashback limits:
Max. cashback of ₹1,000 per billing cycle, i.e. 5000 Jewels. We will run exciting offers to increase billing cycle limits for customers who meet monthly spend milestone.


  • Excluded categories for cashback rewards: Wallet, EMI, fuel or electricity, telephone, mobile, and other utility bills.
  • Rental payments are not allowed on Rupay Credit Card or UPI-CC.

Link to any UPI-app
Link your Edge CSB Bank RuPay Credit Card to any UPI-app.

Lounge Access
Currently, we are not offering a fixed lounge access for the credit card.

  • *Jupiter reserves the right to disqualify spends for purchases done on others’ behalf, and misuse of cards for illegal or unintended activities will not be rewarded.
  • *This card is issued by CSB Bank and is exclusively on the Jupiter app.

FAQs :scroll:

1. What is the Edge CSB Bank Rupay Credit Card?
The Edge CSB Bank RuPay Credit Card is a credit card issued by CSB Bank, exclusively available on the Jupiter app. It combines the advantages of UPI payments with traditional credit card features, allowing you to make UPI transactions using your credit card.

2. How can I apply for the card?
You can apply for the Edge CSB Bank RuPay Credit Card by visiting the Jupiter app. Currently, the card offer is open only to existing Jupiter app holders and onboarded on at least one of our existing products. We will soon launch for customers outside of Jupiter in a few weeks.

3. Can non-Jupiter account holders apply for the Edge CSB Bank Rupay Credit Card?
The Edge CSB Bank RuPay Credit Card is not exclusive to Jupiter savings account holders. It’s available to a broader audience. You will have to wait a few weeks to onboard, however.

4. How do I check my eligibility for the card? What is the eligibility criteria?
Eligibility criteria are based on factors like age, income, credit score, and other financial indicators. To check your eligibility, refer to the information provided on the Jupiter app or website.

5. Is it better to join the waitlist from the app or website? Which one will increase my chances of getting the Card?
Joining the waitlist from either the app or the website offer similar chances of getting the card. Use the platform you are most comfortable with for a seamless application process.

6. How to jump the waitlist queue?
We are rolling out to eligible users in the waitlist. The team is working on a referral model. Stay tuned!

7. I joined the waitlist but have not heard back, what am I supposed to do?
If you joined the waitlist and haven’t received any updates or communication, it is advisable to keep using the Jupiter application as normal, as we are going into a phased rollout for the card.

8. What is the process of applying for the card?
The application process typically involves providing personal and financial information. Keep your Aadhaar number handy, along with your PAN card and other important information… Follow the specific instructions provided on the Jupiter app or website.

9. What is the difference between Edge Visa and Edge Rupay credit cards?
The main difference between the Edge Visa Credit Card (Issued by Federal Bank) and Edge CSB Bank RuPay Credit Cards is the card network they are associated with. Edge Visa is associated with the Visa network, while Edge Rupay is linked to the RuPay network. Each has different benefits and acceptance based on their respective networks and issuing bank.

More info for each of these:

10. If I already have the Edge Visa Credit Card, can I get the Edge CSB Bank RuPay Credit Card?

No, you won’t be able to get the RuPay variant if you have the Edge Visa Credit Card.
As excited as we are to be able to extend the Edge Rupay credit card to you, currently, we will not be able to offer the Edge CSB Bank RuPay credit card to you as you have already availed the Edge Federal Bank VISA credit card. We wouldn’t recommend you to cancel the Edge Credit Card as the cancellation will not help in increasing the chances of being eligible for the Edge RuPay Card. Rest assured, we are working hard to extend access to the Edge RuPay credit card to all our users and you’ll be notified via the Jupiter app when you are eligible for it.

11. What’s the story behind the transparent card design?

Edge CSB Bank RuPay Credit Card is backed by a credit card network called RuPay - which is India’s own version of Visa/ MasterCard. One of the benefits of the Rupay Card is to link the card to UPI and transact, the same way we do on our bank accounts.

We thought - why not try and showcase this “duality” of the card in a single-split design, which brings together the “transparency” of UPI with the Jupiter branding of spacefire.

A transparent card represents some of the customer-centric values we hold dear at Jupiter —transparency and responsibility. With the linking of credit cards to the UPI network, we’re excited to bring you a symbol of our commitment to fintech innovation in India.

12. I joined the waitlist for the RuPay Credit Card, but now I am not seeing it in the app. What should I do?
If you’ve joined the waitlist but no longer see it in the app, consider reaching out to the Jupiter’s customer support team for assistance and clarification regarding your application status.

13. How will the cashback be given to me?
The jewels earned on Edge CSB Bank RuPay Credit Card are redeemable to cash, gold, or gift cards 15 days after they are earned. This will be credited to the Federal Bank account linked with Jupiter.


As we work on our product offerings, we’d like to inform our Community about the revamps and early updates. Please share your feedback so we can collaborate together.

We plan to roll out the Edge CSB Bank RuPay Credit Card to our close friends, team members, and a few sets of users first.

Let us know your thoughts on the thread below :slightly_smiling_face:
Stay tuned for more updates!