Jupiter edge rupay card for edge visa users?

So i already have an ltf edge visa card hence i dont have an option to apply for upi card from the app so i applied via the link which gives a waiting number. So are visa card users eligible for upi edge card?

Welcome to the community @ItzHolmes :v:t2:
Since the card isn’t active yet, I recommend waiting for a few days for clarification.
I’m sure that the team in charge of Rupay CC will provide a Q&A or FAQs section to address such common questions.


@ItzHolmes , Even if you hold a Edge Credit Card, you can join the waitlist. Either using the App or link provided for it.

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@ItzHolmes While this question is applicable to me as well, I think there is some reason behind Jupiter’s silence.

Maybe the Rupay card is not yet ready for public release.

So let’s be patient. :smiley:

I have Jupiter account now when I eligible for credit card

Hai @Shiv0455 , Welcome to the community
Can you see a ‘Credit Cards’ tab on your app. If so, click on that tab, click on ‘Notify me’ button to get waitlisted.
Also, you can fill the waitlist form by clicking the link below:

The Rupay card is not yet live. Once you become eligible, the team will either contact you or you may see a pre-approved banner on the app.