Rupay credit card issue

I have done all the verification to get csb rupay credit card , in the last step of kyc verification …am not able to do , I have done miltiple times of doing kyc verification buts every times its failed . I have attached screenshot of showing problem on screen

…please help

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There might be a technical problem at the moment. Suggest you to attempt again later.
Also, I recommend creating a support ticket by emailing the issue to

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@Amritesh_Kumar in addition to what @razack has mentioned, This is a known issue. There is a bug in the VKYC process which has affected quite a few users who were able to apply for the Rupay card. This includes Jupiter employees as well. The exact ETR for the issue is not known but it should be resolved very soon.

Our team is on top of this issue and is trying to fix it. Since it also involves the Bank, it’s taking a bit more longer than usual. Will keep the group posted on the fix.
Highly appreciate your patience in the interim.


Sir,My Waitlist Number is 1,84,463 in my jupiter application for Edge RuPay Card… When I will getting Applying option?

If you check some community posts, you will understand that the waitlist number has no value.

I think you will get a notification on WhatsApp and email when you get the option to apply for the card.

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Your no will come after 1-1.5 years. CSB Rupay Edge Credit card has came up without any proper planning. company CEO trying to mislead the customer’s with creating hype of Rupay Card. After 6-8 months their all cash backs offers will gone. Try some other credit card instead of this.