CSB Jupiter Edge Rupay Credit Card (add on card)

I felt a sense of disappointment when I discovered that I was still on the waitlist a few days ago, despite the release of the new list of eligible users. This outcome didn’t come as a surprise to me, given that my CIBIL score falls within the range of 743-747.
As I checked my Credit Card tab, I noticed that my waitlist number was 20377. I always thought that my waitlist number of mine is closer compared to the number of other users in the community :laughing:

My wife’s case is entirely the opposite. She has a good CIBIL and Experian Score. Have a Flipkart PayLater limit of 25000 and Flipkart EMI limit of 90000 :fire: :fire: While mine was 3000 (which I closed).

A few hours back, when I checked her Jupiter app, I was surprised to see the link to apply:

Had no hope since I observed numerous posts from my fellow community members, detailing their rejected applications including Yagnesh Sir’s application status of ‘under processing’. To our surprise, the app page took us to the next page, and said ‘Approved limit is 40,000’. Next page was CSB’s Aadhaar authentication page and it was completed successfully.

Voila…All it took was around 2-3 minutes and her first-ever credit card is ready :smiley: :fire:

So it’s my request to @Jiten sir and @Lizann_Fernandez ma’am to introduce the option of an add-on card ASAP. :smile: :grin:


@razack thank you for sharing the positive experience that you’ll experienced during the process


@razack Was your wife prompted to complete VKYC? If no, then it is my assumption that this is a part of the following update that was Lizann - “We are testing out a few specific scenarios/user profile combinations here before we launch to all eligible waitlisted users”

Assumption being different risk profiles are going through a different onboarding experience.

Why am I assuming this - the limit approved to your wife is 40,000 and the limit approved for me 2,50,000.


Didn’t find or get any option for VKYC. It simply directed to the CSB’s Aadhaar/KYC Verification page. I think Jiten mentioned that they were working on resolving this ongoing issue and it was related to VKYC.
If you got the window saying your limit is 2,50,000, then the card gets approved with that limit :fire:

Congrats bro :heart_eyes:

is it salary/ pro account ?
what was the average balance she had on jupiter?
how often she used jupiter?
did she build her score from flipkart pay later?
was flipkart pay later only credit service she had?
is this her first credit card?
what is her cibil score?


@razack i did complete my aadhar verification and then was prompted to submit certain demographic details such my father’s full name, mother full name, marital status etc. post the submission of these details, I got the message of application is being processed.

So my guess, is based of limit approved, a separate risk profile is getting created which has different onboarding steps. Again, this is an assumption

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Good to see the cards being issued.
I will still have to wait for 30 days :face_holding_back_tears:.

I think, if you had waited for a day, things may be different (just a wild guess). Who knows there were technical issues yesterday, which got solved today.

The consent banner also looks different, so there might be some changes.

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Wow!! Finally someone getting the card for the first time on the community.

Congrats @razack!

You owe us all a party. Now send some money to our UPI using the Rupay CC so we can share your happiness too. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :money_mouth_face:


@razack Tell us more about the practical reward structure of the card… Specially the upto 5% cashback scheme

When we will receive our card?? Tired of waiting?simply increasing curiosity huh

This is what I got from the app.

Also, can see some milestones rewards:


@Akshath_Poojary I think we’ll need to wait until it is rolled out for the next set of users under the next phase.

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Here are some updates :
Today, we finally used the Edge CSB Rupay Card at a Hypermarket situated in our nearby town. The total bill amounted to 987 Rs, and as always, the QR Scanner on Jupiter’s app gave a swift and flawless experience, completing the transaction at lightning speed. :fire: :fire:

I want to express my appreciation for the UI design team, particularly for introducing the 'limit spent percentage’ feature. This is the first time I’ve come across such functionality, as it is absent in BOB’s credit card app or website. Unlike those platforms, which only display the remaining or available credit limit, this feature provides valuable insight into the percentage of the credit limit that has been used, so that anyone can spend without worrying about credit utilization calculations regarding CIBIL and all.

After the successful completion of the first UPI transaction, the welcome voucher offer was unlocked all of a sudden. Here too, I really appreciate the Jupiter team. If I remember correctly, I got the promised Snapdeal voucher after 45 or 60 days, and that too after tweeting and tagging the BOB team.

Loved those choices too …We opted for the Flipkart Voucher, and we received the voucher code and PIN instantly. Adding these to our Flipkart wallet balance was a smooth process without any issues.

Regarding Jewels :jewel::
Got 198 jewels for the transaction of 987 Rs.
198 Jewels = 198/5 = 39.6 Rs.
Which means 4% of the transaction value. Not bad at all :cool_doge: :cool_doge:

When we attempted to make another payment at a different outlet, we received this message. Since it was an additional security measure, no worries. :v:t2:


Thanks alot @razack for taking the efforts and sharing it in such a detailed manner. After seeing all this wanna get it too. Hopefully :crossed_fingers:


Good for you @razack. The day when I saw my wait list number is above 2 lac I opted for IDFC Power Plus card.

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I doubt now we will get it now

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Done a transaction of 1499 Rs on Thursday and got 300 Jewels worth 60 Rs. Again, the cashback received is 4% of the transaction value, which is good. :fire: :jewel:

The status of the physical card has been updated from ‘Printing’ to ‘On the way.’ It is being sent through Delhivery, which is expected to arrive on the 15th. :cool_doge:
Thanks @Nikhil_Godbole


sir, what’s the status for physical card? delivered?