CSB Jupiter Edge Rupay Credit Card (add on card)

Nopeโ€ฆ Arrived at the nearby hub this evening. Most likely, the card will be delivered tomorrow. The date on the website is the 15th. :cool_doge: :cool_doge:


Finally !!! :credit_card: :credit_card:
The Edge Powered by UPI is here :fire: :fire: :fire:

To be honest, I was anticipating packaging similar to the Edge Visa card, with a box-type packing and a card holder/pouch. However, the design exceeded my expectationsโ€”itโ€™s absolutely fantastic :fire: :fire: :cool_doge: :cool_doge:


@razack Awesomeโ€ฆTo be Very Frankโ€ฆthis is the first real life experience with the rupay cardโ€ฆAll this whileโ€ฆi only had 20X10 experience of the Psuedo oneโ€ฆ


hello sir, Iโ€™ve not received any communication via mail regarding jupiter edge csb rupay card.

also physical card tracking page/tab disappeared out of nowhere.

@Nikhil_Godbole @Shawnpinto

@BeingIncog Could you please DM me your registered mobile number with Jupiter ?

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Any updates yet?

Folks, I am now part of the small test group who have been able to participate in the onboarding journey and provide feedback on the bugs that came up during that journey and get the Edge Rupay card. The process post the VKYC was extremely smooth. I was able to add the card on Paytm and PayZapp. Cred is not able to detect the card.

A big thank you to @Nikhil_Godbole for the patience he showed to listening to the feedback and guiding me through the process with updates and next steps.


Happy for you @yagnesh01 sir


@yagnesh01 Congrats! [GIF] by Yondr Studio on Dribbble


@BeingIncog Your Card is also ready as confirmed by the printing and dispatch Team. Will update you with the tracking No. as soon as it is handed over to the courier partner.


@BeingIncog Your card shows delivered. Please check and confirm, so that we can close the ticket.


Itโ€™s great, congratulations . Now kindly rectify the issue that I encountered today. I got opportunity for applying for the card today so I did and completed kyc. I see the update on app that kyc failed reason data mismatch which is totally false as signature on PAN card and on paper is same. During kyc also I noticed that kyc is not being done be professional banker. I donโ€™t have issue that they made me ineligible with false reason but as it gonna impact my credit score so I am going to make a complaint in RBI and Prime Ministerโ€™s office for this but if they corrected their mistake or confirm me that they did not do any credit score enquiry, then I am not gonna make complaint. So as you are a part of small test group so you can convey them this and same goes for CEO of Jupiter that he can check this with bank for correction otherwise if complaint is done then it may create bigger issues for Jupiter also.

@LordKrishna the reasons for the KYC failing and the card not getting approved is between you and the Jupiter team. I am sure if you are willing to reasonably discuss this with the Jupiter team, they should be able to assist you. Complaining to the RBI and the PMO is your call. I donโ€™t believe any of us can do anything otherwise.

See I am son of Government bank manager so I know banking process since childhood and these CSB bank kyc employees are unprofessionals who are disqualifying credit card without valid reason which is resulting in loss of their bank only and loss of customers credit score like me. Like this they are lossing trust if peope on themselves and Jupiter resulting in destroying image of Jupiter. So I wanted to Jupiter team to take action on this and by replying confirm me within a day otherwise my complaint will go to RBI and Prime Ministerโ€™s office.

@LordKrishna usually the bank agents who are completing the VKYC are only completing VKYC. They are not the ones taking the final call in terms of approval.

Also, did you encounter anything in specific to classify them as โ€˜unprofessionalโ€™

I am well aware how everything works but agents who do vkyc does the initial approval and that becomes final without any changes. This is only hypothetical and rules set up that final approval will be done by someone else.

Yes everything was unprofessional even the way of talking.

Also itโ€™s better that I take this matter with RBI as none of Jupiter team paid attention to this or replied anything and these actions of CSB bank destroying the credit score of various people by not following proper banking terms which I cannot bear on me.

@LordKrishna while you well within your rights to approach any competent authority, your notion of VKYC agents taking approval decisions is a little misplaced even if you come from a family with a banking background.

Anyways, wish you luck In trying to get your issue resolved and get heard.