CSB Jupiter Edge Rupay Credit Card (add on card)

If Jupiter continue partnership with wrong places like this then it will destroy Jupiter image and trust only. Also various posts on the community reflected the same. I suggest Jupiter to partner with ethical and professional banks, I can also help Jupiter as I have good relation with almost every bank higher officials.

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See donโ€™t consider yourself full of knowledge and try to teach me, I am not being rude or trying to hurt you but trying to say you that you shouldnโ€™t think that you are only knowledgeable and others are fool less knowledgeable than you. For your knowledge I am premium bank customer of almost every bank and almost daily in touch of bank managers including bank staff, sometimes I am in touch with RBI officials also.

Thank you for proving a point for me. I rest my case.

If you are ineligible/rejected for unsecured csb edge credit card then wait for few monthsโ€ฆ Jupiter going to launch secured credit card soon

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I am not interested as I already have Premium credit cards of all the Banks provided to me lifetime free without any requirement for FD(security) as I am a wealthy person according to them.

Main reason for not interested is the credit card will be of another small bank only which is not heard doing any progress due to their operations, professionalism or whatever.

Secondly why would I invest for getting credit card when every bank is ready to provide me credit card without investment as secured credit card required investment and invested amount set the credit limit of the holder. So if you want limit increase then you have to invest more.

Wow. This sounds interesting actually :hushed:.

Can you pls post some of your favourite cards and bank accounts in these threads. It would be helpful for the community if you could explain any specific benefits attached to it too.


First of all, I would say that we appreciate you as customer. That being said, threatening approach doesnโ€™t help anyone.

KYC validation is totally a bank controlled domain. It is as per RBI prescribed. If you see any genuine issue , pls raise a ticket and we will ensure that our team coordinates with bank for resolution.

I expect more maturity from community users and roll out to them . There is a reason why we are doing phasewise roll out as we are seeing teething issues. Hope you appreciate the same .

Else next time, we canโ€™t prioritise this community as members are behaving similar to external users.

As I Also Got The Card Very Recently I Posted All The CSB card information here in the link

Ask any doubts if you have any


@LordKrishna your case is under review on highest priority. In fact thanks to it we are able to smoothen some data process with Bank. Thanks for that!

We will be sharing the next steps on mail by today end of day. Thanks for your patience in this matter, know it is part of the scale up process & being an early adopter of a new age fintech product.


Thanks for sharing this @LUKA ! :blob_thanks:


Thanks for the update and taking it on priority. I only suggest one thing that stop doing partnership with the small useless banks which cannot give Jupiter an opportunity to provide great benefits to its customers and only make Jupiter experience bad.

Any expected timeline to get these teething issue sorted and sending the invitations to the community users who have been waiting for so long as everyone is frustrated with the slow progress? @Jiten

First of all you misunderstood, I am not threatening anyone nor I do threatening. Instead of threatening I do the work which is supposed to be said in threatening anyone.

I am completely aware of banking process including kyc validation. RBI prescribed things are not followed by many bankโ€™s sometimes as everyone working in bank is human beings and human beings are typically known for doing mistake.

I already raised complaint regarding the wrong by the CSB bank and I cannot let anyone doing wrong with me.

I didnโ€™t expect you will be aggressive type, I expected you will be calm type so itโ€™s my bad for thinking that.

Anyways thanks for reading my posts in community and replying in one of them.

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