Introducing Edge RuPay Credit Card ๐Ÿ’ณ

I had a variant which had super vibrant colours, had edges on one end of the card and semi circle on the other end.

Hi Abdul,

Same has been done, please confirm how many days it will take to confirm.

Hopefully soon sirโ€ฆ @Ratchagan
I recommend that you continuously monitor your emails and WhatsApp messages from Jupiter. Also, please remember to stay engaged here in the Community for the most recent updates. :+1:t2:


@razack @Shawnpinto


Please get it approved on priority as I have mostly using jupiter app for every transaction and doing more than a lakh per month.

@Ratchagan While doing more transactions and keeping a big balance are good and maybe criterias for selection for the card, they canโ€™t be the only one.

The Jupiter team will have its own criteria like credit score, credit history, etc. Of course CSB Bank for itโ€™s part will have their own criteria and at the end of the day it might be CSB Bankโ€™s decision to issue the card or not.

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Hi , Will Rupay card work on Azure, And GOOGLE Cloud.?

Probably not.

I am not sure if this can be interpreted as payments only within India and not for services that charge as Forex.

But thought Iโ€™ll share thisโ€ฆ

It stood out to me.

Maybe after sometime, weโ€™ll come to know details about this.

@Shawnpinto & team are keeping mum for now. Strictly no spoilers! :zipper_mouth_face:

Either this or they are celebrating the launch of the Edge RuPay credit card. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think itโ€™s the strictly no spoilers approach


how do I know my waitlist number if I have joined through the banner in app ?

At present, we cannot know the waitlist number if applied from the appโ€ฆHope we can get some confirmation or assistance regarding these doubts soon (may be in the form of FAQs) :+1:

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This is what I find on the website nowโ€ฆIt was not there yesterday or earlier today.
If this is true, this is not a microcredit card as we discussed earlier @specter @Aswin_Benny

@BornArcher8 I know Alex has already answered your query. Itโ€™s now clearly mentioned at the bottom of the website (which was absent there earlier).


I really want to have this card. I think jupiter should consider my request. I am maintaining a balance above 50k And have 2 secured credit cards. I dont know when will i get my first unsecured cc.


@razack This is good news. Microcredit cards have a limitation factor.

The elephant in the room is upto 5% on all UPI spends. I really would like some clarity on this.

I suppose everything hinges on this now.

I saw a few YouTube videos. They are pitching the card to everyone without even knowing the details of the card.

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what is meant by micro credit card??

Hai @Dr.azygos Welcome to the communityโ€ฆ
In some sense, microcredit cards are the card version of earlier BNPL(BUY NOW PAY LATER) apps. The credit limit may be very less compared to normal credit cards, (eg: maximum credit limit may by 20000 or 25000). The application process may be somewhat simple and easy.


@Dr.azygos Just to add to @razackโ€ฆ Microcredits can be credit lines too.

But they typically start with a smaller amount like 500 or 1000. Then based on your spend behaviour and repayment behaviour, the company would increase the credit limit.

Simpl provided something like this to my wife. She started with 500 Rupees. But now has 20000 credit limit. But still it is very small amount compared to credit cards which are ready to give her 6 lakhs as credit limit.

Also sometimes the microcredits usage is not reported to the credit bureaus. So you canโ€™t build a credit score and credit history using microcredits.

Most UPI Rupay Credit cards are for transactions in India only!