Community meet up | Edge RuPay Credit Card experience

Hi everyone!

We’re back with some updates for our Edge RuPay Credit Card :rolled_up_newspaper:
The team is aiming to launch it in a phased manner starting next week.

The launch & Community testing

Currently, we’re testing the Edge RuPay Card’s onboarding experience in the app. To make it perfect, we’d like to invite a few Community members along with your friends to our Bangalore HQ.


We’ll give you a hands on onboarding experience and you can apply for the card in real life! :party_parrot:

For this to happen, you need to bring a friend with you to the HQ.

  • The friends whom you get along, should NOT have a Jupiter account since we’d like to see new user experience.
  • Make sure they have a good/above average credit score. Preferably with any existing credit card.

Note: Your friend does not need to open a savings account. They can directly apply for the card thanks to our Decoupled experience. (Similar to our loans feature)

What’s the benefit you ask?

  • Your friend gets the RuPay Credit Card, issued by CSB bank :credit_card:
  • You get 2000 :jewel:
  • Super early access to the UI and in app experience - No one till now has seen it yet. But you can.

We want our Community members to be a part of this journey.
Folks in Bangalore, Are you in? We’d like to host more than 1 session.

The first one is tomorrow 6th October, 3pm to 6pm.
The 2nd session will commence from next week.

  • Okay for October 6th, 3pm to 6pm
  • I can come next week
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Important :exclamation:: Please fill out this form if you’re interested. We’d like to get in touch with you, and chat over coffee :coffee:

HQ location :office:

We’re hosting it in our office. Here’s a link to our location
Snacks and fun goodies on us! :hamburger: :gift:

This is your chance to meet the brains behind the Edge team.
Come, join us!


I could have scheduled it for this week if it had been posted a day earlier.
Unfortunately, I’m unable to arrange travel on such short notice. :sleepy:
I hope I can join next week. :v:t2:

Only the friend will receive the card, not the one who brings him/her?. :thinking: :joy:


Yay! The game begins… Let’s play. :smiley:

All the best @JupiterTeam. :+1:

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I want to apply for rupe cradit card but waiting list off panding

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What @Shawnpinto? We are not welcome on our own? :face_holding_back_tears:

The same question came to me as well…


That we’ll see when you both get here :stuck_out_tongue:

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You’ve got to bring a friend :crossed_fingers:t4:
Most current members have a Jupiter account. We need folks who are new to the Jupiter ecosystem, I,e, doesn’t have an account yet.


@000 Welcome to the community
The Rupay credit card is not available for users to apply for just yet.
It will be rolled out in phases, starting on October 11.
I hope you’ll be able to see the link to apply for it on the app soon.


Yes. I can understand the new user experience angle.

All the best.

I’ll sit this one out. :slightly_frowning_face:

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I all ready apply but I’m waitlist to long distance …pls approve … Jupiter my salary account no any issue

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What I mean is the final approval. Once you become eligible, you will get pre-approved offer and link to apply for it (not waitlist link)
So I suggest you to keep wait for few days. As I said earlier, It will be rolled out to users in phases. Don’t worry about your waitlist number.

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Even me too, very short time. I can’t make it by tomorrow. But surely on next week.

Not fair fun goodies and snacks only for Bangalore people

Send link pls

@000 Sir, there is no separate link at present.
You will get the link on the app once it goes live for all users. May be after October 11 or by October end. Your patience is appreciated

@000 It’s like this…

Jupiter checks their app features and financial offerings before the public launch.

First phase is the internal testing wherein the product is tested by Jupiter’s employees.

So now the Edge Rupay credit card is coming into the testing phase, wherein the testing is done by this community’s members. This will take a few weeks. Based on the feedback received the Edge Rupay card will be improved.

Once the testing is completed and improvements implemented, the card will go into the Beta phase where some of the public members will get the card.

Then comes the public release. This might take atleast a month.

Also right now the Waitlist based card issuance is not started. That might start in the Beta phase or the public release phase.

So if you don’t want to wait, please make it to the Community Meet-Up tomorrow or next week (with a friend who doesn’t have a Jupiter account) and you might improve your chance of getting the card sooner. :slight_smile:

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Would anybody (who doesn’t have a Jupiter account) be willing to go tomorrow or next week? Let’s make a team and get the Edge RuPay Credit Card. Pretty please! :pleading_face:

@Shawnpinto see how desparate you are making me. :angry: :wink:

share the link and i want it !
credit limit?
is there any other way to get it fast ?

Please refer this list for more info

If you can visit Jupiter HQ with a friend who is not a Jupiter user tomorrow , you may get the early access. (At present that’s the only option)

IF your HQ in delhi i will definitely visit it !
you have ?