My review on the new 3-in-1 switch credit card

I recently stumbled across the new Switch 3-in-1 credit card by Jupiter and it’s perfect so far.
I’m not much of a credit card enthusiast but I do own 2 credit cards. I want to share my experience for this new credit card.

  1. Getting the card
    Last week, I got my switch credit card with a 1.5L limit. I also own an Amazon icici credit card but that limit is only 90k

  2. Packaging
    It’s not the best out there, but it was in a hard paper like flip envelope.
    The card was intact, and as soon as I opened it, was in love with the design so kudos to the one who came up with the concept :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

  3. Using the card
    I’m a heavy spender on online spends like Amazon and flipkart. The icici credit card doesn’t give me 3% cb (non prime) all the time. But this Switch card gives 2%, but for all online spending that’s a win-win for me. Occasionally, I spend on food apps like Swiggy so there also I get 0.4% cb (because I have shopping mode enabled)

  4. UPI method
    So far my default go-to payment method is UPI since there are like QR scanners everywhere.
    Before Jupiter, I used to use Gpay but they don’t give any cb on their scratch cards anymore. Hence moved to jupiter UPI since it’s faster.

Even though I’m using UPI, the card is rupay, plus I get rewards on every transaction + mode spends makes my experience even better.

Some improvements for the jupiter team @JupiterTeam

  1. If you can allow us to change modes as and when required, it would be even better. There are times when I spend more on food and I want to move to shopping mode, but I’m stuck at getting 2% on shopping mode. I will have to wait 4 months for switching.

  2. This suggestion is for anyone who opts for the card. Try making the cc kit better. I expect this card to be a premium card and it needs to come in a box. Like, make the kit half transparent half solid? Should be amazing then.

  3. I hope my limit increases as I spend on this credit card. That would be great, try adding some milestone rewards also. Eg: If I spend 30k on my credit card this month, I get a voucher (shopping related, or allow us to use which voucher/cb)

So far so good and I think this is the best card for me.
I did check out Tata neu though, but look and feel wise, this one was better.


Thanks for sharing your experience with us, this has been passed on to the team. @Dilipsingh45 :blob_thanks: