What do you think about credit cards? 💳

Hey everyone!

I’m Somya Sinha, I’ve joined the Jupiter team to improve your experience! Glad to be part of this amazing community :rocket:

We are thinking of some cool ways to make Jupiter more useful for you and would love to have your feedback.

If we’re going to launch a credit card, what would excite you the most?

  • Complimentary airport lounge access
  • Higher cashback on select merchants (Amazon/Swiggy/Uber)
  • Higher credit limit
  • Customizable card design

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If you have other ideas, do share them!
Lemme know your thoughts in this thread and thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


Selected merchants any day~

If it’s 3 options, I’d pick:

  1. Amazon :package:
  2. FlipKart :shopping_cart:
  3. Uber :oncoming_taxi:

Or, it could just adapt to my spending habits and pick it for me. Later on, I could change it if needed :thinking:



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Hey @Aswin_Benny , thanks for sharing. Could you share more details on why Flipkart?

Refer to Airtel Axis bank credit card. They offer 25% cashback on airtel recharges (its limited upto 300) and bill payments 10% cashback (300) etc. You can attract customers like this and on all others transactions give min 1.5% cashback. Or else you can refer to one card where they ask for deposit and then they give 110% of the deposit amount to use. For depositing ₹2000 you will get ₹2200 credit balance to use and they give rewards even on spending ₹1. But the rewards are very less though discounts on other platforms are very attractive.


My brother is having flipkart plus so free delivery…

I like flipkart ui more, reviews are there for most products and it is located in proper place… I track price changes for amazon, flipkart using pricehistory.in and i could see amzon using fake deals and discount :joy:. Flipkart delivery is better.
For some of the same products amazon is more costly than flipkart.

I purchase things online to my neighbours and all those products that i ever bought from flipkart never faced any issues or recieved better refund or services

I am using amzon app only bcoz of amazon pay cashback, once they stop it and i use up all cashback amount, i will uninstall amazon.

I am in a village, i dont use uber. I either use my scooter (but i like to walk so i prefer walking). For longer distances, i use public transport, its cheaper.

  1. Complimentary International airport loung access.
  2. Complimentary Railways Loung Access
  3. LifeTimeFree Credit Card
  4. 20% Cashback On Jupiter
  5. 2% Cashback On All Other Spends
  6. Free priority pass
  7. Complimentary Golf Rounds
  8. Metal Card Facility

I think its enough

  1. Metal card
  2. Customisable card
  3. At least 1.5% default cashback

These 3 features are enough for card to be used as primary credit card.

I’m very happy with OneCard… metal card, premium design, awesome app, swipe to pay, real-time transaction history, frequent offers. Only letdown is default reward rate.

Please do something like that.


Thanks @Dhruv . What exactly would you want in the customizable card? And what kind of reward structure would you like to see ?

Customisable card- option to choose from 4-5 card designs n flexibility in printing card holder’s name

Reward structure- 1.5% cashback for all online n offline transactions at least (can exclude wallet load, cash withdrawal, etc) + Cashback can be directly in the next month’s statement or in form of point like OneCard… but it should be real-time ie. One can see transaction amount, merchants, rewards, etc in app


At least a tiny cash back on fuel spends would be great.


I would definitely get Jupiter Credit Card if it has these features-

  1. Lifetime Free Credit Card
  2. Reward Rates min 1.5% on all spend. (You can exclude few categories)

And it should be a Credit Card (partnership with Federal Bank or some other bank) not a Credit Line (like Slice, UNI, etc).

  1. Top spends should catagory should be customisable. Which will carry extra cash backs.

Or Option to select 1 catogory each which recive 5x, 3x and rest receive normal cashbacks

  1. Complementary longue passes

  2. Should take inspiration from 1/3 cards

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Amazon and Flipkart


Hey there please provide an option to add our pre-owned credit cards, which makes us easy to manage our cashflow.


Thanks @Piyush_Jaiswal !

Hey everyone, thanks for the feedback and suggestions!

For those who have never taken a loan or never owned a credit card before, would it be useful for you if we launched a product that helped you improve your ability to own a credit card or take loans?


Yes. That would be great feature… :zap::zap:

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only for those who never taken loan/CC/BnPL?

not about us?

Hey @CarolinMerces that’s a good question. We could think of having this product for all users who wish to improve their credit score.