What do you think about credit cards? 💳

You should absolutely refrain from providing lounge access to entry level or life time free credit cards.

There should be a travel credit card, for inspiration you can look upto Axis Vistara Infinite which gives 5 free business Class tickets per year on crossing set spends.

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For me better offers on online spends and Higher credit limit is enough. LTF card can attract more users but that doesn’t matter if we have good spend offers, then nominal fees is reasonable.

Lounge facility is accessed by limited users and almost cards offers that so I’ll ignore that.

Customized card (Design) is good only if you have limited cards and like to show off :joy: users like me who owns 30-40 cards this is useless.

Better online spend offers + Higher limit and some fixed minimum reward points or cashback ie. 1-2% would be great :call_me_hand:t2:

Hey @mschahar thanks for the detailed feedback! What kind of offers would you like to see? On which particular apps/websites?

I think you should launch a different credit card from others akin to your savings account. Following are few suggestions.

  1. Card for everyone (can be Based on cibil or FD but should be available for every one irrespective of location, cibil score or any other criteria)

  2. 10-25 percent of total limit can be used in UPI which as of now no one offers.

  3. Bill dates based on choice.

  4. Incentive on full payment as also payment before the due dates.

  5. Incentive for beta users.

  6. Incentive for add on card users as well on referrals.

  7. Emi interest rate flat 8-9 percent ( Akin to IDFC)


  9. Complementary dinner on zomato or swiggy approved restaurant on birthday or Free hotel stay on achieving quarterly/ yearly milestone as now a days Lounge acess is very common.

These are few advice i have lot more ideas especially related to credit cards, always available to share. Please drop a mail if interested


It would take same time for you to jot down all the ideas in mail.
Why don’t you do it here, everyone will read it and something better can come up with all this brainstorming.
Do share it here,if possible.:saluting_face:

Spot on! @Mukesh_kumar_Bharti
@rkbhaira Thanks for sharing this with us! Like you mentioned, I’m sure you got more ideas. It’s better if you share them over here :blob_thanks:

Few are some additional

  1. Metal card with inbuilt credit and debit facility (toggle switch in app to switch over between debit and credit).

  2. Immediate Cashback (like zomato addition card) rather then in next statement.

  3. 45 days time period for every major transaction irrespective of the date of transaction/ bill date. Means A 10000 purchase today will automatically debited after 45 days from Jupiter account.

  4. Flexible limit ( After assigned limit option to increase the limit with average monthly balance of account or FD).

  5. Option category max cashback based on users choice ( He will choose one category for max cashback based on his spending pattern)

  6. Zero fuel surcharge with cashback (HPCL super saver).

  7. Insurance against fraud upto credit limit for a duration of seven days extendable to other cards with a fees.

  8. Switch on/off toggle switch in app.

  9. Virtual card generation for online transactions from app.

Final aim to be Make a complete package of card so that one should only carry this card rather then carrying multiple.


RBI proposed UPI on credit cards will be soon in the market. Try to be the first to grab this one. Take the first-mover advantage.

Or if you can do it in-house even before UPI is launched if feasible go for it.


+1 for this.

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Duo card like this will be very nice - Indusind Bank Duo Card India'S First Debit-Cum-Credit Card

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  1. No Maintenance Charge in Credit Card.
  2. Atleast 1-2% guarented cashback or instant discount.
  3. Cards But cool designs (No solid colour, some colorful cool concepts )
  4. Merchants like Flipkart ( I normally use Flipkart more than any other merchant, atleast i order 2 times in a month for sure )
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Thanks for the useful and very specific suggestions. @Arnab @CHETAN_KUMAR_RAWAT @Surojit_Ghosh @rkbhaira !


My expectations for a Jupiter card would be (in order of priority):

  • Generally model it after Amazon Pay ICICI. Lifetime free or at least no joining fee with waived off annual fees with enough spends. At least 1.5% rewards for all transactions.
  • Provide pre-approved credit cards for Pro account users that have had at least one or more salary drops. Use salary or 50% of salary as credit limit in the event of absence of a credit score, since even without a credit score, you have some form of assurance that they’re able to repay.
  • Give an FD option to users without a credit score or Pro account. Start at a low enough amount like 2000 to remain accessible to students.
  • If you use a reward point system, make sure each reward point is worth 1 rupee to avoid unnecessary calculations. Cashback systems are also nice.
  • Please make it an actual credit card and not a credit line like in the case of Slice or UNI. 1/3 would be nice to have but it’s not worth it if the card is a credit line.
  • Higher cashback on certain merchants or categories.
  • Ideally, let the merchants or categories be chosen by the user at the beginning of each cycle so that it can only be utilized by individuals with good pre-planning. Can be capped if necessary like Jewels currently are.
  • Integrate with Jupiter savings account well. For example, warn if the user doesn’t have balance in his Jupiter savings to pay for the current outstanding.
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Integration with Jupiter account and automatic payment is something I can be happy about. It will definitely remove some end of the month worries like forgetting to pay, Of course this has to be a option rather than enforcing the feature to everyone.

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Higher Credit Limit
Metal Card (Customisable Card Design)
Flying benefits (points)

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The thing with todays cards is they offer different fixed perks.

People get the cards for those fixed perks. Once done they move one.

I would love to get credit card that allows to get different perks for different spending.
Would love some gamification around this but yes the flexibility is the key.

For example, Regalia card gives you lounge access but I am sure you don’t use it always, I would love to trade that with someone who needs it or share it with someone needing it and get some Jewels in return :wink:
or I would trade that for some amazon voucher with someone who doesn’t need that voucher.
:thought_balloon: like NFT trading.

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Amazon is far better than Flipkart. I’ve been using it since 2015 or 16. I’ve both Flipkart Plus and Amazon Prime. Even if you don’t have Prime, you’ll get free delivery if your total cart value is above 499 (for Amazon Fulfilled products) and most of the products available are Amazon Fulfilled. Similar feature exist in Flipkart but Flipkart have lot of products that aren’t F-Assured.

Coming to customer care and returns, Flipkart is no where near Amazon. If you are a Prime member and you tell their executive it’s Sunday, on a Thursday, they’ll still agree with you. If you want to return the product, it’s easier than ordering. But returns on Flipkart is a nightmare and the customer care is not much friendly.

Amazon have their warehouses all over the country and you’ll get most products within 3 days but Flipkart will take 6-7 days.

If the only thing that concerns you is cashback, you can move from Amazon to Flipkart once the cb offers closed but of you’re concerned about customer experience, returns, better pricing, fast delivery and overall better experience, I can assure you that Flipkart is nowhere near Amazon.

The below features would be nice

The card should come with either Mastercard World or with Visa Signature.

Either no maintenance charge or waiving off maintenance charge on spends of 30k-50k.

Travel/ Air insurance.

Issuance of card to people all over India instead of 8-10 selected cities (if they have existing credit card / good credit score).

Cashback with certain merchants would be nice to have but I’m personally not much concerned (because I already have Amazon Pay ICICI card).

Fuel surcharge waiver and cashbacks on refueling.

Target based rewards (for example, spend 10K per month for Movie ticket, 25k per month for some gift voucher, etc)

Looks like it depends on interests and location.

Here is my latest incident.
Delivery folks of amazon in my place is a disaster. Last month i bought a gas stove for my neigbour from amazon. It happens to be faulty. I asked for replacement, first time they told me over the call that they were using a scooter so cant replace it and asked me to again try to replace and from their side would cancel the replacement.

But they didnt cancel it, so i cant repeat replacement. I had to call customer care.
On the next replacement too the delivery guys told the same excuse and cancelled it :smiling_face_with_tear:

I called customer care and asked to returned it. They were late in returning too. Whole procedure took me more than 22 days to get the amount and repurchase took me another 3 days (from flipkart) :smiling_face_with_tear:

I never had to call customer care of flipkart.