What do you think about credit cards? 💳

I don’t agree with that , i say Amazon is baised for prime members where Flipkart is not baised.
You got prime support, you got first return because you paid a prime membership.
I am a Amazon user and i don’t have membership so every order takes long time to deliver, also mentioned in their website or application “Get it by tomorrow” but when i place a order actually it not delivered by tomorrow, it is actually for prime members, if i Don’t have prime then it will take 3-4 days to arrive. I already faced it many times.

And don’t compare Flipkart with Amazon cause Flipkart delivery exact on the time and fast and return is too easy …
Even Amazon packing quality is bad.

I am a Flipkart plus user and in terms of return Amazon is nowhere near Flipkart, when i return an item , after the delivery boys pickup the item, with in 3-4 hours we got our refund amount. Even some times i got refund with in 1 hour after pickup the item.

I also use Amazon pay for cashbacks :joy:
Flipkart is way better than Amazon…

Amazon pay ui is boring but offers are good

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  1. Lifetime free card
  2. Attractive like Jupiter Debit Card
  3. Rupay and compatibility with UPI through Jupiter App
  4. Insights feature for credit card spends as well
  5. Reasonable 1-2% cashbacks.