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Hi everyone! :wave:t4:

Over the last quarter, we have ramped up on the Offers listing on Jupiter (Hoping many of you may have noticed), and you can see the full catalog of offers under “All Offers”.

I had a few questions and would love to get some thoughts from the community here -

  1. How do you find the accessibility to these offers ? (i.e. did you know about the different offers across categories, season offers, etc. )
  2. How do you find the usefulness of these offers ? (i.e. have you used any of the offers, would like to use sometime etc. )
  3. Are there any other kinds of offers you would like to see? (We’ll try to make it happen :slightly_smiling_face: )

Feel free to share any other thoughts! :blob_thanks:


Not a single offer i used ever and not in future. They all are waste for me and not relevant so it’s totally useless


@Dhruvsinghal Do you have any offers you would like to see though? Let us know your favourite ones :slight_smile:

Include Amazon and Flipkart


Yes, only one offer my and all personal favourite 1% cashback on all spends with no cap on it means unlimited every month and this is the only offer which make Jupiter different from all and this is the reason hike of Jupiter. Be Jupiter when you are in starting.

Believe me if you will do this again for life time i am damm sure Jupiter will snatch all type of banks business and your downloads will jump in 1 month to 50M.


@Ankit_Misra I have found only myntra useful. I havent heard of any other brands in it. (To me its useless).

I saw cashkaro and gopaisa using referal to give cashback to users. I am purchasing flipkart/ amazon using the same… I was thinking what if Jupiter could do the same service. A person on clicking a referal link inside jupiter app goes to flipkart and buys the amount, cashback is credited as jewels. The commision recieved is often more than 1%.(I dont know about its legal implications). Jupiter could advertise it is giving more cashback than its compitetors.

Brands i usually like are flipkart, amazon, myntra, laptop and mobile brand’s official sites…


Agree with others that most of the offers are not relevant or worth utilising for me. In case, you are going to bring in popular merchants or better discounts compared to other apps out there, please do send in a notification or atleast show a banner after each transaction like Phonepe, so that customers know that new offers are getting added. Otherwise, i would only know that there are new offers added only when i go inside the Offers tab. Weekly newsletters might even help. may be i missed them or they are not yet in place. other than that, offers section is a great place to bring Jupiter customers some delight and become loyal. Power to the Offers team.


Movie discount just like onecard or axis card provide.


Sorry Ankit, but I don’t use Jupiter app anymore.

movie offers in discounted rate , 1percentage cashback is the best but can u just increase the cashback cap like now it is 150 per month ,
it will be great if u have credit card


We want instant personal loans even for those who have low credit score

Accessibility i feel is okay not very hard to find unlike earlier interface for finding the card :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.
Usefullness is i think a bit on below average side …i mean half of the offers are not even avaliable in all the city , maybe amazon vouchers or playstore coupons will be better.
I would love if you guys have amazon offers and maybe some more offers on swiggy and zomato as those are the apps people use majority of the times and also online food is expensive :joy:

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Offers on zomato

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Not a single offer is usable.
Introduce Offer for popular merchant like Amazon, flipkart and then after you can see the craziness of people.

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Agree with others. All the offers are just to fill the offer page…not a single one worth taking a look. Big disappointment :-1:


Need bookmyshow, Swiggy / Zomato, youtube / Spotify premium trials. Maybe Xbox game pass ultimate trials. :sweat_smile:

Those are the stuff that I’m interested in.


@Hrishikesh_Malagi - Thanks for the response. We will explore ways to serve more of those offers.

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@Aswin_Benny - Thanks for the response and suggestion.

We are also looking to enhance our refer and earn program. We’ve had constructs where referring user can earn jewels everytime the friend (referred user) spends. We can explore this direction more as well.

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Why am i not able to remove external portfolio which i uploaded some months ago…I want to remove my portfolio

Hey @Kugan_S_J , could you let us know why you would like it to be removed? :blob_thanks:

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