What feature do you want on Jupiter's CC offering which shall be their USP?

My expectations are :

  1. RUPAY Card
  2. Insights and categories with tags for spends.
  3. LTF (As federal bank is issuing their cards LTF now) or minimum fees with reasonable spends based reversal.
  4. Add-on cards for family members and also tracking their spends.

Let it be about the experience and not rewards please.


The card will likely be a Visa, as most credit cards provided by Federal banks or FIs Credit card are Visa. It may offer rewards, cashback, and lounge access at railways/airports.
Regarding the fees, it is unlikely that the card would be LTF. I agree with the suggestion that the fees could be waived off after spending a pre-determined limit.
Let’s keep our fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:!

Federal bank provide RUPAY CC too for their Signet Variant.

  1. Rupay offering
  2. I am happy to pay a fee if there is a spend based goal for reversal.
  3. A more straightforward process to invite add on card family members for add on cards
  4. Very simple point redemption options

I don’t know why, but I want to see a mastercard :joy:

It’s because you already have a Rupay card :joy:

This says you deserve a different planet than earth and you belong there. :stuck_out_tongue:
Just kidding.

I also want rupay or MasterCard as i have all visa card ( from classic to infinite)

Nothing’s gonna make a difference except RUPAY.

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But linking to UPI will also take a long time from the banks side.

Yes, only a few banks support this as of now.

Unlikely the co branded card will be Axis which went live yesterday or any of the the 5 other banks. I am assuming the card will be issued in partnership with Federal Bank

Sooner or later, everyone will onboarded.
Major banks have already been onboarded now.
You can see it in the BHIM app.

I might have got a hint which card it’s going to be probably.
LOL!!! :slight_smile:

A piece of land on Jupiter Planet?