Jupiter Credit Card

Hi @Jiten

Federal Bank is planning to launch thier own credit card line up soon. So, can we expect Credit card from Jupiter as well in collaboration with upcoming Federal Bank Credit Cards?


Hopefully, they will, but UPI and debit card is only a total ball game. Personally, I loved it.

I even searched for some relevant jobs at Jupiter but couldn’t find any. So had to keep quite

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Please launch credit card(s). And when you do decide to offer one, please add some unique features.

  • One card I really like is Axis Vistara Infinite Card because of it’s benefits, it offers 5 free business class tickets. One business class voucher on payment of joining fees and the rest on every 2.5L spend upto a maximum of 5 tickets. Joining fees is 10,000 + GST and renewal is also same. One way business class ticket on any domestic route is usually around Rs. 25000. Five of these tickets means immense value out of this card on a spend of Rs. 10000 + GST as annual fees.

  • Second card is Hdfc Infinia, it offers unlimited lounge access on both domestic and international lounges, unlimited golf etc…

  • Amazon Pay ICICI is also a very good card offering 5% cashback with no upper limit.

Hardly anyone out there uses Cibil score to offer credit card, no matter how high cibil score is, it is not considered for credit card. Another important point in cibil report is on time payments which should be the deciding factor for offering credit cards but again, no one does this. No idea why.

Joining fees is billed on first statement but perhaps you can collect it upfront. Like pay joining fees and you will get credit card. Credit limit then can be decided based on cibil score + on time payments percent. So everyone can get it instead of the remark “We can’t offer due to internal bank policies.”

Credit limit check at regular intervals so credit limit can be enhanced based on usage and user is notified. This simple thing is followed by only 1 bank as far as I am aware and I have credit cards of a lot of banks so not sure why banks do this. All these other banks want income proof and don’t care about card usage for limit enhancement.