Credit Card related

Why don’t jupiter launch with it’s own credit card ?

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Why do you need an Fd based card?

Jupiter will launch Fd based card only (if they will)

Let’s see,But civil score based credit card will be more good than fd based.

Bro If I have money why will I need credit card,I will pay that fd money rather than credit card ,

E doglapan hai :joy:

Yes. . UNSECURED NON FD BASED LTF Credit card :credit_card: is always welcome

@Shawnpinto Can you provide any route map or any news about credit card …

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See slice app,like that,juoiter can issue credit card with very low amount and accordjng to their record of payment history card limit can be increased or decreased ,It as simple as that…

Yes it may be little unsecured but It will be more scalable and in long run it will make more profit for company than your shit idea of FD based credit card ,

What’s the profit of Jupiter?

Think like that …
Already RBI is peeping in those type of business models …
How will they become profitable :chart_with_upwards_trend: :thinking:?

@Shawnpinto Provide your feedback

Jupiter parent company federral should took the issue to RBI to not be so hard on these type of model,as far I know there is a country,(name can not remind,in a video of “think school” they issued etherium blockchain based credit card,with the model that I already said,and it is extremelly profitable there.

There are some surprises in store :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Let me guess. An FD based CC. With some immense terms and conditions and 80% limit :joy:.
Did i get it right? :relieved:

(Just joking around ).

Exactlly bro,:smiling_face_with_tear:,As far I know only IDFC give 100% credit limit of FD amount…


Onecard and paisabazaar stepup gives 110% and 100% I think (with very few useful offers)

good secured cc with any indian bank will be great like federal bank.