Jupiter should launch credit card

Jupiter should introduce credit card like other companies were any one can get credit card and the features of credit card .
Limits should be like
Block 10k and get a limit of 5k-2k
Block 20k and get a limit of 10k - 8k
Block 1L and get a limit of 50 K - 40k
Block amount will provide the trust to Jupiter if the money is not credited back it have a block amount received from the person and that can be used .

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What? 50% limit? Lol Here IDFC First bank is giving 100% limit :joy:


I understand your point but i am just suggesting it , and hdfc is a proper bank and holding a good chunk of assets on other hand Jupiter is like a new born baby infront of hdfc and you can’t compare a Neo bank to a proper bank . Hope you understand this .

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You forget that Jupiter is not a bank its in partnership with Federal bank. And federal bank already have their credit card…

Until neo bank are not regulated with RBI its a useless concept. Who knows when they will block your account. Like Mool money who send a legal notice to customer for transferring his own money to another bank :joy:

Plus neo banks are making losses!..

Mujhe jarurat nahi tumhare card ki , mere paas already 5-6 cards hai agar FD base per dena hi hai to 100% per do barna koi nahi lega…mene aaj tak kotak ka 90% wala nahi liya One card ka 2k wala liya hai 100% fd per

You are recommending for a secured credit card? Lol :joy::joy:, I believe atleast 75% of Jupiter customers are Employed and eligible for Unsecured credit card.

Secured Credit card is a big fail!


I don’t think so, not even 50%

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Secured CC is less risky. And helps build credit score.

I’d be game for a decent Secured CC line from Jupiter.

20K-50k, you get a fancy plastic card

Maybe above 50k FD, you get a metal card. The way one card does it.