UPI vs Credit on UPI: The Ultimate Payment Showdown!

Are you a UPI loyalist or a credit card enthusiast who prefers credit on UPI? With UPI revolutionising how we make payments, it now comes down to who you choose to remain loyal to - the good old bank account or its distant cousin credit on UPI. Let us know which payment mode you prefer and why?!

Poll Options -

  • UPI using native bank apps
  • UPI on Jupiter
  • UPI on 3rd party payment apps
  • Credit/Rupay on UPI
  • Pay with a credit card.
  • Others - tell us more.
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After getting a rupay CC, I hardly have 5-10 transactions in my bank accounts which were earlier around 90-100 every month on an average. Rewards are added benefits along with the interest earned on the payments deferred as spends are made on CC. What else do you need more than this?
And out of the 5CC’s I hold, 4 of them are on Rupay now!!


@specter Couldn’t agree more. I have become a big fan on credit on UPI. I have always preferred using a CC versus making a payment using a debit card. One of the issues have run into with my Tata Neu Infinity card is the Neu Coins not getting credited into the Tata Neu account. After almost a month and a half of back and forth with Tata Neu, they acknowledged the issue and confirmed this is now getting reported regularly by a lot of users.

Hence, I want to keep a back up Rupay card and waiting on the Edge Rupay Card.


Kotak IOCL is my main Rupay Card while Tata Infinity is my backup rupay card.
I also have SBI BPCL on rupay and Kotak Myntra on Rupay too.
Only card on VISA right now is SBI Cashback Card which is converted to LTF now.
Yeah, I’m waiting for Jupiter Edge Rupay card because of the spends tracking feature on Jupiter app also for the card design. However, the hunger for spends insights was satisfied via PayZapp for Rupay CC.Infact, the spends insights on payzapp is better than Jupiter itself. :stuck_out_tongue:


@specter How did you convert your SBI Cashback Card to LTF?

Was about to close the card then SBI team told me that I had an offer to make it LTF which I accepted.

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oh okay great may I know for how long you used the card when you were going to about to close it and what was the limit provided if you don’t mind sharing.

Got the card in Sept 2022 and limit was around 1.7 lacs.

ohk thank you so much also were you closing it after a year had passed?

Yup and after achieving the spends waiver criteria too.

Great thanks for all the details.

I am still using UPI payments through platforms like Jupiter, Gpay, and PayTM.
I have only attempted 1-2 transactions using credit card UPI mode. Initially, when I linked the card to Gpay, I got some transaction errors, but now it is working fine.
However, I still doubt it might fail when I scan a QR code, so I end up using the regular UPI method. :laughing: :v:t2:

I would like to pay small ticket expenses using RuPay credit cards because I can avoid the mutiple transactions on my bank account and keep the account statement clean. And also for the 1% rewards/cashback.

I would like to use Credit cards for bigger transactions because my Axis Ace gives unlimited 2% on eligible spends.

But as for RuPay credit card rewards/cashbbacks, I think it will be withdrawn soon. I am not seeing how the banks could keep shelling out 1% without generating revenue out of it through MDR. Yes above Rs.2000 does get MDR, but most people don’t use UPI for high expenses and many shopkeepers have disabled RuPay credit card payment acceptance and also the shopkeepers generally try to avoid getting payments above Rs.2000 through UPI. Also some shopkeepers have 2 or 3 UPI machines to avoid MDR as well.

Indian practical problems and tax avoiding strategies stand blocking the vision of Digital India.

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@razack Link you Rupay card to the Jupiter app. Paytm, Payzap can be your backups. Unless the merchant has disabled credit card transactions on his/her profile, the experience will be super smooth.

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@alexnazy couldn’t agree more on your observation of taxation policies.

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I assumed that linking any RuPay Credit Card to Jupiter would enable spends tracking. Doesn’t it?

The card is already linked with Jupiter. :v:t2:
During the initial days, I got so many error messages and was never successful in using it from the Jupiter app.
So, I haven’t attempted it since.
I will try again soon and confirm the status. :+1:t2:


I do more than 3 minimum transactions minimum every day. Since I don’t have a job, using cc on UPI won’t be a good decision for me (my personal opinion).
I could use it to buy things once in a while .

I use third party apps for UPI payment because of UI and also better cashback.
also I really like using name as a UPI ID than phone number

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Nope. That feature is only available for cards issued by Jupiter.

Oh OK. It was wishful thinking on my part I guess. :slightly_frowning_face: