What are the best RuPay (UPI) Cards around?

The market is flooded with numerous RuPay credit cards/debit cards/prepaid cards.

This is so good for us consumers.

Can we use this thread to collect all the RuPay cards?

I am sure that there are people like me who still don’t have a RuPay card. So this thread will help us all.

Jupiter RuPay Credit Card

CSB Bank
Upto 5% cashback
Jupiter app tracking

Types of RuPay cards:

  1. Classic
  2. Platinum
  3. Select

Credit Cards:

  1. Tata Neu Credit Card Infinity: 1.5% on all transactions, 10% on Big Basket, 1499+GST annual fees
  2. Tata Neu Credit Card Plus: 1% on all spends, 7% on Big Basket, 499+GST annual fees
  3. Axis Kwik Credit Card: 1% on all spends, Lifetime free
  4. IDFC Power: Good for Fuel and grocery spends, 299+GST annual fees

Prepaid Cards:

  1. Pepper Money
  2. Slice Rupay Prepaid Card
  3. GalGal

One of the recent issues that I have faced with my Neu card is the transfer of my Neu Coins to the Neu account. Some how I keep running into people who some how read and comprehend

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