Rupay Credit Cards on UPI or Regular UPI? - What’s your preference?

We’ve recently witnessed the push that offerings on the Rupay network got at the Global Fintech Festival. It also saw the launch of the Edge Rupay card from Jupiter which saw most of us add ourselves to the waitlist.

So, time to share your preference! Rupay Credit Cards on UPI or sticking to Regular UPI?

  • Regular UPI is the king
  • Credit on UPI via Rupay is the new king
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We want to know your choice and why it works for you. Join the conversation!


For me, Credit on UPI is the new king as I get rewarded for those transactions which otherwise would have been non-rewarding.


I don’t have a UPI Linked Credit card and for that reason I am forced to pick the first option.

I miss the rewards you guys are getting :smiling_face_with_tear:

Does anyone have this issue - I have linked my rupay cc on gpay but whenever I try to pay to a merchant it always show payment failed whereas the same payment can be done through Paytm does anyone facing it or know why

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@Priyansh_Gaur I have faced this issue and that is one of the reasons Gpay is my last resort.


Since last 3 months, I hardly have 10-15 transactions in the bank statement.
All transactions were shifted to Credit card, almost around 80-90 transactions.
On most of the transactions, I have been getting flat 2% as most are for food and groceries.


Going with the majority, I too think Credit on UPI via Rupay is the new king :crown:
Until the real king (Credit line on UPI) arrives :smiley:
I am yet to successfully complete a transaction via CC UPI mode. I have already linked my BOB Snapdeal and Energie card on Jupiter and Gpay.

@Priyansh_Gaur I too receives some sort of error messages while trying to Scan and Pay with Rupay CC. I forgot the exact error message. That’s why I go back and pay with normal UPI :joy:

yeah i change the app and move to paytm for the payment :sweat_smile:

well now i know i am not alone in this gpay mess

Use payzapp or paytm for seamless transactions.
Payzapp is ad free too unlike paytm so even better UX.

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Loving the credit on UPI experience on my PNB rupay platinum card.

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how is there is app responsiveness like it is smooth as paytm

Even better.

i will try previously they did not have a good ui

New one’s good.

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I have done multiple credit card transaction from Bob snapdeal credit cards on UPI through cred, kiwi, Paytm never faced an issue

Using which credit card you are getting 2% off bro? @specter

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Kotak IOCL

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@specter but with Tata Neu Infinite card, you could get 10% or with Tata Neu Plus card you could get 7%. This is if you order on Big Basket.

So aren’t you interested in that?

I have that too. But it is for online orders right. Not offline.

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