Rupay Credit Card card issues

Got my RuPay virtual credit card activated (physical card is OTW) but facing some issues:

  • Not able to activate UPI on any other UPI payments app like CRED or PayZapp
  • Google Pay doesn’t even have CSB on the list of banks so I can’t even add it as a card (low-key scary and fishy)
  • When entering the details into CRED or PayZapp, they’re not able to identify it correctly. CRED saw it as Bank of America card (had to manually change it to CSB) and PayZapp saw it as a Discover card :smiling_face_with_tear:

Could this be due to the pending activation of the physical card? Even if so, why is CSB not in the list of official banks supporting RuPay?

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I think the edge rupay card is cobranded with discover network for international transaction support (as rupay works in India only). So software for some apps are not updated yet to identify cobranded cards correctly.
Google pay and other UPI apps will add CSB bank later on with an update. As it is very new to the market.

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If the card has to work as a RuPay card within India, what’s the solution then? Cannot be that I’m constrained to use it solely with Jupiter app :no_mouth: Especially if it’s being identified as a Discover card.

I think there is an option in BHIM app to add csb bank rupay cards ( I left using BHIM app a while back so not 100% sure but you can check that out) should be there.

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Yes. There is an option to add CSB bank credit card on BHIM app

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Yep I see CSB bank listed in BHIM. Guessing it’s an app issue then, hopefully other apps update their lists soon.

Will try linking the card once I get the physical card activated and get back. There seems to be some issue with the virtual card PIN. When I tried to link the card on BHIM it prompted me to set a new UPI PIN (which shouldn’t be the case right since I already set one in Jupiter app?)

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No issues whatsoever, this was smooth process here. Some apps don’t have listed csb bank credit card for linking yet. Don’t worry. Most of reward can only be collected from Jupiter app itself.


Even I have set the credit card pin. Not UPI pin.

@razack did you get any communication from csb or Jupiter on email? I haven’t got anything on email.

After activating and using your virtual card for the first time, you might receive a welcome email from Jupiter with the subject line ‘Welcome to the Edge CSB Bank RuPay Credit Card experience!’


Haven’t received that.

I have faced this with PayZapp when trying to add my Tata Neu card. Even when the pin was set, I was prompted to set the UPI pin

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[Update] I was able to add my card as a UPI card on both CRED and PayZapp. Turns out they didn’t have a straightforward method of adding these cards. Was also able to do it on BHIM as y’all suggested :+1::+1:

Google pay will still need to update their list (too slow)

Apologies for the extreme skepticism earlier :smiling_face_with_tear:


Have fun using it. Me waiting for the VKYC bug to get resolved. Vikram has confirmed many of us are impacted by this bug. So fingers crossed.

As far as I know almost every rupay card has a discover Collab for them to work on internationally


Im facing issue while payment through upi , it is showing this payment is declined by your bank. What should i do now

If this is the edge Rupay card, report this to the customer service on the following email -