CSB rupay edge credit card

I applied for Csb edge rupay credit card and after 30 min a got whatsapp notification that card is ready to use.
I received a otp and i entered to verify the card activation but suddenly it started to give below error.

Today i have done 5 calls ,3 mails and 10 online chat to fix this but it is not fixed

Reinstalled the app multiple times but no luck

@Ashish_Mishra this seems to be a bug and in my experience does take about 3-4 business days to get resolved.


Will be great if it can fixed :+1: asap

Guys any update, please let me know if it will take more than given time.
If yes, then You can reject the card application, i will not mind but least show on app

Look like nobody cares

@Ashish_Mishra if there are dependencies on the partner bank to address this issue, it may take longer than usual

If it can be fix in 2-3 days fine else reject the application

@Ashish_Mishra i am not from the Jupiter team. Just a community member as you are.

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Oh thanks, i thought you are from jupiter team