“Up to” 5% cashback

Whenever I see the text “up to X”, I know that I’d almost never get X. It’s always going to 25% or 30% of X. Edge Rupay’s cashback is no different.

I received my Edge Rupay credit card yesterday. I used this card for making 2 payments. For a payment of ₹812, I was given 41 jewels (reward rate of 1%). For my next payment of ₹50, I was given 1 jewel (reward rate of 0.4%).

This is clearly a lower reward rate than what Kiwi offers me: flat 1%. But Jupiter is better in one way: Kiwi’s rewards are for multiples of ₹50. In the extreme case, if I spend ₹99, I’ll get only ₹0.50 cashback—1% of ₹50. But Jupiter will give me jewels for the entire ₹99.


@manki Thanks for this post. We are all trying to figure out the Edge RuPay card rewards and this helps. :smiley:


If you change the reward rate to “1% to 3%”, we’ll have a winner. But of course, it’s much easier said than done. Figuring out how to fund the extra reward is a challenge.

For me Edge Rupay and Tata Neu Infinity cards have become daily drivers. UPI transactions get divided between the 2. Helps to balance the reward points.


I have done 3 UPI transactions last month and got 4% cashback.
Recently done 3 card transactions and got flat 1% cashback as promised


i’m mostly getting 5%…