Don't believe in "Upto 745 jewels on jio recharge" - Jupiter offer

After seeing that offer, I recharged my jio number with rs666 pack. I had received literally 2 jewels for that which is equal to 20 paise. If u feel ur not as unlucky as me, do a jio recharge. No wonder even if u get 1 jewel.

I agree with that “Upto 745 jewels”, but atleast 1% should be given right.

Onecard is giving 5% instant discount in Amazon pay now


Well… I hate these “UP TO” words in offers. Most of the time I miss seeing this and then I beat myself over it. :grin:

Paytm started this trend I think. Now almost everyone is doing it.

I generally try to go for flat off or flat cashback offers.

@kirankiran10333 While I do agree with your 1% sentiment. It is what it is… We can’t do anything much about it.

It’s all or nothing or something in between. No surety for anything.


Yeah, Jupiter once again proved not believe in Jupiter :joy::joy::joy: @Aswin_Benny

Last month I think we had 5% instant discount for visa cards in Amazon pay :thinking:

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I always stayed away from the offer, which was mentioned “UPTO” because this is a SCAM and Cred app is doing excellent in this matter.


Most times I have received 25 jewels for recharges sometimes a bit less. On bill payments of CC I receive a bit more like 25-75 jewels.


The best offer is doing a recharge through Amazon pay on friday’s using any platinum rupay debit card and get a flat 20% discount upto 100 rs.


Yes. that what i avail usually. 100 Rs discount is a very good deal

Same here…Usually, for Bill Payments, I too get Jewels in the range of 25-75
But, I too fell for “Win Up to 500 jewels on Shubh Muhurat for purchasing Digi Gold” offer :sob:
Bought Digi Gold worth 300 Rs and got only 5 jewels !!! :grin: :grin: :sleepy:


Same here, I too get just 5jewels :laughing:

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I almost wanted to buy Gold in the muhurat but not worth it if the offer is UPTO! You will lose more because of the 3% GST in buy and sell of Digital Gold.

I regret investing in digital gold. It was never a good choice

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@Sreeharimkl can you elaborate? I am curious why you would say this?

Usually the time it takes for one to cover the cost of investing which includes the difference in the buy and sell prices as well as the GST component.


The main reason is GST :unamused:, and when comparing digital gold with SGB, digital gold is not a good choice as an investment for me.


Oh ya. You are correct. Digital Gold doesn’t make sense for me too.

But not everything needs to make sense. Recently my financial advisor asked me to invest in an ICICI GIFT Plan (his company gets a good commission). It had a high GST component.

But for me it made sense because after 10 years (payment period), I’ll get a lumpsum every year. So that might take care of my kids college fees.


Should never fall into such things! 10 years later, you don’t know how inflation hits! It’s better that you invest this money into better markets.

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Yes. I agree. I don’t know. The person was convincing. :slightly_frowning_face: